About two years ago, I started taking on line photography classes. 
Kat Sloma and Kim Klassen got me hooked.
Those fantastic experiences seemed an appropriate time to start a Photography Blog devoted to my budding skills and interest in the finer nuances of photography.

I have met many wonderful people through Photography and Prose.

But the 

has come.

I was beginning to feel like I was neglecting one or the other blogs.    
Occasionally what  I wanted to share was appropriate for either art or photography.
Photography is as much a part of my life as is Painting, the two complement one another.

 I will be posting both painting and photography to 
S. Furner Fine Art  (this site)
I hope you will enjoy the mix!!!

To celebrate my decision to Simplify,
 next week I will be hosting a drawing for an 
Original Painting.
(Details will follow next week with a photograph of the painting. Just in time for Valentines.)

Photography and Prose will be left open for viewing of all past posts, but no new articles will be added, unless at a later date I change my mind
(I have been known to do that!!!!!smile)

I do have some fun photography experiences to share!!!! And some new painting techniques.

If you haven't subscribed to this blog, feel free to do so....don't want you to miss the opportunity to win an original painting.

This message in a Fortune Cookie sums up how I feel about my years of blogging and 
YOU,  the readers:

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