Artistico Blurro

No, I don't speak Spanish, but it would be nice.
However the words "artistic blur" seemed more catchy written as Artistico Blurro. Which is this month's challenge on Exploring with a Camera, presented by Kat Sloma.

"What is all of this about?" you might ask.
"Got it made," says I.
"No big deal, easy-peasy." I continue.
"This is something I excel at--shaky hand blur,  out-of-focus blur or paying-no-attention blur. I am Queen of the Blur." 

Fortunately I think that Kat had something  else in mind.
What she is suggesting is the INTENTIONAL--
This implies a photo a little bit soft at the edges;  a change of intentional movement; a deliberate change in camera settings; something placed over the lens, etc. 

 Once a month Kat offers a challenge which is really a very nice learning experience. She supplies lots of suggestions to make it easier...and it is complimentary.  It is open to all. Come join us.

One week ago we had our First Snow Storm.  Actually "dumped snow cone" is more accurate. When the sun peaked over the neighbor's ice covered roofs I was outside with Big Mama.
Getting inside the car and photographing out of the ice glazed glass was my goal...but the doors wouldn't open. So I settled for the outside.  I like the combination of "blur" and "focus."

You will think I am exaggerating, but this is the same icy morning. We still have one brave, endearing geranium clinging to life on the porch. There were filaments of crystal moisture clinging to the buds....while the blurred red petals are achieved using DOF.
A final farewell to a very hardy geranium.

This is my favorite picture. I am sitting inside a very bumpy car with nine passengers, lens glued to the window and attempting to catch scenes as they whizzed by.  What I love about this photo are the reflections that came through and the flash of light.  

Blur exaggerates exuberance.  Little Niko is practicing his fanciest hip hop moves. The movement is so fast that there is a translucency through his clothing.  Too bad the BBQ is in the way.

This week at Pixel Dust, Bonnie suggests sharing a photo that is simple.  Actually I think a blurred photo is a hallmark of simplicity as it eliminates distraction.  This is my choice. I processed it with Bonnie's  Monet's Morning texture.

What I learned from this Artistico Blurro assignment: I won't always discard photos that are slightly blurred. Rather I will think about how to use them in a more artistic form.
And I still need to try putting a piece of plastic over my lens.

Please join us next month when we will explore the Blur from another point of view.

Another reminder: simple can be beautiful. Thank you Bonnie and Kat

PS. remember that Photography and Prose is now part of this blog.
See preceding blog post. Thank you for dropping by. 
Next week will be the original painting give away.   See you then.


  1. Love this shot that you shared for PAF. It is lovely. Also thanks for the plastic idea over the lens. Pretty cool!

  2. That devotion shot is just breathtaking... I love it!

  3. What a treat for the senses, Sharon! That's what I love about photo art - it can use an ordinary shot or a blurred one and make it beautiful.

    The piece you did for Photo Art Friday is SO unique. You captured a sacred moment and made it so artful.

  4. I haven't tried Kat's challenge yet! your pictures are intriguing. I really love the picture you are sharing with PAF though.

  5. When my husband comments that I blurred a photo I tell him it was intentional. Valerie

  6. Very nice! I love the blurred photos too.

  7. Sharon - excellent examples of artistic blur. Love your icy windshield shots, the tiny ice crystals on your hardy geranium, the reflection overlaid on top of your moving image and your whirling grandson.

  8. I really like the hip-hop dance shot...

  9. wonderfully clever and deLIGHTfull, too!! I so enJOYed the story and the introduction and invitation. I shall explore further.

    your piece for PAF is just BEyond words. it really speaks to me of connection to something greater than expression allows.

    such a wonderful time I've had here with you today, Sharon!

  10. Visiting from PAF - Your piece is lovely, very peaceful and serene.

  11. Beautiful photos Sharon! Fantastic blurr through the moving car window! and the devotion shot very lovely!

  12. I love your devotion pic what could be simpler than that? x

  13. That was such an awesome camera assignment and post! You make me want to get my camera out. I just got a new Nikon D 600 and want to get to know it better. Your photography is beautiful and inspiring. I love th frost shots especially but they are all wonderful.


  14. Oh yes - definitely simplifying and combining your 'art' is the way to go. What gorgeous imagery here. Especially love the devotion one.

  15. Lovely images, Sharon! I'm glad this exploration has you thinking about how to blur artistically. It's not as easy as it looks, but you are doing well with it! Thank you for sharing in Exploring with a Camera.

  16. Nice photographs, Sharon. You inspire me to save those blurry photos and do more with them.


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