Photography is an art form that  can take years and years to perfect, then there is still something else to learn and explore.  Painting is the same experience.  It takes years to develop a style, explore techniques, execute good works.  

Today I share photographs that in a way are "photographically-painted." No not with oil, acrylic, charcoal or pencil, but with textures and photo manipulation. 
There is the usual learning curve, much to be explored but one difference, I stay in one spot and it isn't messy!!!!!  No clean up!!

Bonnie at Pixel Dust Photo Art  gave us a free texture with a distinct Asian flavor which I was rather excited to explore. 

While enjoying this project I kept my focus on Aung San Suu Kyi a Burmese Visionary, the Burmese people, many worldwide  and I greatly admire. As I read some of her writings these pieces came forth.

  Like Aung San these pieces developed in slow, minute layers until they became a whole.

It is a collective wish that her country may live with more peace and tolerance than it has known for decades.


  1. wow, Sharon, this is extraordinary!! I have been thinking a LOT this week about how I "paint" in so many ways that I can actually call myself a painter. I love digital fiddling with my paper-painted and paint-painted paintings as much as with my digital photographs, scans of word art, and even the funny things I collect up and scan into "paintings" on my printer.
    wonderful paintings here and good thoughty things to BE thoughty about!!

  2. 3 great pieces of art. So different and each so beautiful.

  3. Wow you have some creative pieces here. The middle one has such wonderful color.

  4. Beautiful texturing. I have become a huge fan of Pixel Dust textures.

  5. These are all so beautifully processed...I love "painting" with PSE. For some reason there's less fear involved, probably because any mistake can be undone with one button. It gives me a lot more courage! Thanks for sharing your lovely edits.

    Also, thank you again for your help with my email subscribe button! I appreciate it so much and am happy to know that it's working. Have a wonderful weekend, Sharon! :)


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