Looking for the WOW! Contrast

Talk about CONTRAST.  Our generally mild weather turned to that particular form of cold that produces SNOW!!!  Yes, quite a contrast. 
Flakes the size of cotton balls floated down from dull gray blue skies. So exciting. 
Nah, it wouldn't last, but it did.  I managed a few shots before the evening turned to blackness.

This is a great deal of snow for us.  I stood barely outside my door to take this shot as it was snowing quite hard and I didn't want snowflakes on my lens.  What I like about this photo is the CONTRAST of cool and warm.  The birdseed is a wonderful rust color against the bluish green of the yard.  Thank you Mother Nature.

 Oysters on the Rocks anyone?  We have a pail of seashells sitting in the yard.  The snow turned to ice, encrusting the shells with a beautiful glaze of translucency.  Again the contrast is about color and texture, shapes that are similar but not similar.

There are several things I enjoy about this photograph besides some favorite art books... blue is the complement to the orange rust of the wicker.  The weave of the basket is enhanced by the  dark shadows playing through out the photo.  

This photo was taken the same morning as the above.  The early morning sun was streaming through the windows, casting long golden rays, dark shadows forming from the window encasements.
This photo is about the contrast of Texture....the rough, excavated clay of the bowl in contrast to the smooth, translucent seashell. It is also about Light and Dark... the shell casting a very dramatic shadow.

Kat Sloma, who is  sponsoring this series of classes, Find Your Eye: Journey of Fascination, has been intrigued by trees these past few weeks. She has many beautiful photographs of trees you can see on her blog/website.
With her in mind, I am sharing this particular tree outside of our home.
There are several forms of contrast:  Cool and Warm, the golden sun reflected branches against the cool blue sky.  Light and Dark.
Strong diagonal branches which lead one's eye up and towards the right.

The strong spiky shadows and leaves work well with the soft roundness of the blossoms.  Then I will always fall for red and green combinations. This is one of those flukes...I was just walking by and decided to take a few shots....I was pleasantly surprised.

This is a favorite photo for several reasons.  The contrast of the deep shadows with the play of light.  The star shape light flare....how that happened I haven't a clue. But I was happy to see it when I uploaded my photos.  The strong vertical line crosses the flowing horizontal lines of the waves, adding interest to a beach shot.

CONTRAST always adds flavor to our lives...imagine eating Asian food with out strong spices or curry with a sprinkle of sweet raisins on top?  Or slipping into a cool swimming pool on a blistering hot day?  The feel of cashmere against your skin on a frigid evening.  
Long purple shadows cast, as the red-orange of a sunset slips away.

CONTRAST adds variety to our lives each and every day.  And it is a necessary ingredient in photography.
Have fun with this and try it yourself.
Thanks Kat for the prompts and ideas.


  1. The top photo of the snow looks very much like where I live. Yesterday it was snowing like crazy at times. Those big flakes, of course I was trying to do some outside work for another class when it decided to snow the hardest :) What a treat for you to have that snow for some different contrasts. The trees are majestic.

  2. Well, look at you, enjoying some white stuff :) Beautiful examples of contrast. Love the light and shadows and the beach sun flare.

  3. A great selection of contrast photos, Sharon! Your snow picture is delightful -- makes me want to go to the snow since we don't get any here. I love your last image, what wonderful contrast and composition. That flare is gorgeous!

  4. This is a beautiful set of images showing contrasts and difficult to choose a favourite - but I particularly like the snow ones - we've not had much snow here this year and when we did get it I only managed a few shots. I too was dodging the flakes with my camera!

  5. Great post, Sharon. Your images are great examples of so many types of contrast, and I love how you wrapped it up. Contrast IS what adds interest to our lives. It can also act as a reflection, showing us something about ourselves we weren't expecting. Thanks for sharing your contrasts!

  6. I love this collection of images..especially the one with the books - that captures the light so beautifully!!!

  7. Hey friend. Glad to see you in the mix for this class. I love your thoughts as they are super creative. My fave shot is the book and wicker. I know I forget those complimentary colors as a conscious thought. Golden light sucks me in. So I like that last shot with the sun flare. Those happen if you can catch your lens right at the littlest edge of subject. Block out all the sun and then scootch over just a touch. Bam!
    I'm glad you got snow. I wish I could send you all of mine-it's rubbing me raw and not in a good way.
    Happy day. Looking forward to more posts from you.

  8. You have shared some really lovely examples of contrasts. That light that comes in your window certainly makes for some amazing images, too! These are all just beautiful!

  9. What beautiful snow shots...and the sun star shot is amazing! I loved your thoughts on contrast...

  10. I love the contrast created when low, slanting light comes through a window. I love books and wicker. I love shells and pottery. I love snow that you know will be gone in a day or two. I love your contrasts!

  11. Sharon the snow on shells shot had a great summer/winter simultaneous hit, food, temperature, color included


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