The Superfluous

Some may think that painting, sculpture, music, writing, photography, doodling, humming, ETC.
are superfluous.

"The superfluous, a very necessary thing."    Voltaire

That which brings joy to one's heart, is the "cherry on top" sending a sense of satisfaction, pleasure and happiness through out the day.

I am been making mention of how much photography and painting  have in common. 

As an example, today we call, it in the iPhoneography World: Street Photography,  capturing people, animals, circumstances, events in their EVERYDAYNESS.

Finding people fascinating, I was 
"capturing the off moment" before there was a name for it.  After awhile, some photos of these (usually people photos) just stood out....they were meant to be transferred to painting in whatever technique  I might choose. It is really one of my favorite ways to paint.  Get the general feel for the people, surroundings and abstract them with oil or acrylic....usually oil as it is so malleable.  

These are a few of my favorites.

Painted the cover of  a sketchbook...Girls in uniforms being marched in one straight line....reminds me of Madeline. 

Dog walking in Paris.  I added the Parisian architecture from photos and painted a woman and her dog from a separate capture.

Hindu women patiently waiting, watching the FireWalking procession.

Rockefeller Square where two young girls were eagerly exchanging the latest news. At first I only took photos from side and rear, finally got brave and took one from a front point of view.

I am missing this sloshy style of painting and have promised myself to get back to it.  This style of painting is usually on a small 8 x 10 canvas and in oil.  I don't always clean my brush but let the colors mix together...there is heavy texture and lots of "smooshing."

Being SUPERFLUOUS is great fun.


  1. Oh, yes - I love this style of painting - these abstracted street scenes, where you capture all the life and joy with your "smooshing". Love them! And how fun that you can use your photographs as inspiration for your paintings.

  2. I am in awe of your superfluousness...! :)

    Beautiful work!

  3. Sharon, these are wonderful! I've not seen much of your oil painting before, since you were getting into encaustic when I first started following you. And then, of course, I was primarily following your photography blog since that's my main interest. I loved getting to see this side of you! So much personality is captured in each of these, and you make it look so easy.


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