Blossoms from Provence to Charlotte

I would like to paraphrase van Gogh's words by inserting: and photographers....
This past week I attended a lovely dinner. Each table showcased a crystal clear Mason jar filled to bursting with blossoms.
It was like walking into a fragrant grove of trees.
Immediately what came to my mind were the blossoms that van Gogh painted in Arles.

"I am up to my ears in work, for the trees are in blossom and I want to paint a Provencal orchard of astonishing gaiety."
And he did.

Imagine your bedroom ceiling painted wall to wall with beautiful branches of delicate blossoms.

After the dinner I asked the hostess if I might bring home a vase of blossoms. 
With a yes, I smiled and thought of all the wonderful photographs or paintings that could be created from such a simple gift.

Today is Texture Tuesday, from which I have been absent for awhile. But I am back using Kim Klassen's textures on three of my photos. It is pretty amazing what a texture can do for a photograph.

Thank you to Kim. I used her Cloth and Paper Collection.
Thank you dear Vincent for the continual inspiration you shower on me.


  1. good morning dear friend!
    your post today is blooming with the perfect gift of spring and renewal. thank you for your beauty and generosity!

  2. Love, love, love the Savor the Journey - beautiful!

  3. Lovely post and gorgeous images (visiting from Texture Tuesday)

  4. What a lovely post...and your photos are beautiful!

  5. I love seeing the inspration for your work - from van Gogh's amazing spring work to your photographs. The texture work beautifully rendered the images into a different dimension - so painterly and van Gogh in feel.

  6. So pretty, i LOVE the impressionists !!!

  7. Your photos are beautifully VanGoghesque!

  8. What a beautiful, beautiful post! Vincent's paintings of spring blossoms flow right into your textured photos. I especially love the last one. My word for this year is Explore, and the flowers, shell, and mason jar reflect my love of nature, sea, and the beauty of simple, useful things.

  9. What a lovely post. I so enjoyed the paintings by Van Gogh and your photographs of the branches are so beautiful.

  10. Simply lovely, Sharon. You do beautiful work.


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