What do I know for sure?  Well for one thing: it is easier for me to post photography related articles than those on painting.  It gets a bit lopsided at times.  Love both creative outlets, but let's be truthful here....painting just takes longer for a myriad of reasons.  Today's photography can be instant gratification, clarification and sharification.
That said, I have finished two smallish 8x8 paintings that are now posted on my website. YAY, progress.

Before you scroll to the paintings, I just want to mention that my favorite gallery I have been a part of for many years...way north in Havre de Grace, MD has opened a new website.  You can see all of the talented artists, potters and sculptors on this site. 
RiverView Gallery

"Down the Lane"  available, comes framed.

"Sunflowers in Black and White Vase" available, comes framed.

These paintings are on hardboard panels. Next to real linen canvas, they are my favorite substrates.
Most of my oils are transparent, with a few exceptions...and obviously white. Although there is a transparent white. Using transparent colors allows for a clean, clear palette with fewer muddy colors.

There is a new collection, "Encaustics and Cold Wax," opened on my website, Sharon Furner Fine Art.  Slowly I will be adding more pieces done in this wonderful new medium. Always something new to learn.

Have a great day and find a few minutes to about Peep topped cupcakes?
Okay, maybe read a book.


  1. Beautiful and inspiring! I love both but "Down the Lane" is my favorite - the light is magnficant and the profusion of colors is fabulous.

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Your vibrant colors always make me smile. Thank you for sharing your lovely's always a pleasure. :)


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