The Fine Art of Engineering Part 1

When I was in college, it seemed that the brainiest, most "admired" degree was engineering. Engineering, engineers, dreamers in chrome, steel and glass come back to mind each time I visit our family in Singapore.

The amount of construction is mind boggling... it is a small island after all.  Each new building over shadows the complexities of the in point is Gardens by the Bay with its dome shaped glass pods that send shards of mercurial light upon the carpet of plants, trees, shrubs and ponds.

Visiting Gardens by the Bay is a bit like Alice tumbling into Wonderland. From the sky high windows, suspended bridges to the floor covered with lush vegetation. There is so much to share about this magical place that this is the first part...the engineering phase

When I took these photos, I had in mind the beautiful architectural compositions that Brenda shares on her blog. I felt that they translated best in black and white, with a few touches of color to delineated the living from the man-made. 

This is the very loft of the structure. Vertigo is not welcome. I couldn't help but think about the men and women who dreamed and designed with lofty thoughts and the builders who climbed these heights to create this amazing structure.  It is all quite breathtaking. 

In a few days we will be closer to ground level. Amazing as the glass and steel structure is, the living plants, trees, blossoms, ferns, palms are truly breathtaking.....Alice never had it so good.  

Thanks Brenda, for reminding me that those structures that surround, hold, touch and support us are incredibly beautiful and inspirational. Brenda hosts Third Thursday Challenge stop by her blog and see her amazing work and the photography of others on this challenge. 


  1. Just WOW. We in America like to think that we are very modern and progressive, but I've been seeing such startling and innovative architecture from other countries lately. That image of the three buildings with a garden across the top of all three really had me doing a double-take. I'm looking forward to your next installment!

  2. Wow, what magnificent architecture! It's mind boggling what the human mind can perceive and create. Thank you for sharing, and I look forward to seeing more!

  3. Sharon - what an amazing architectural wonder. Oh, what I wouldn't give for an opportunity to shoot this building. The lines and curves and expanses of glass - stunning! Your choice to go with black and white (with touches of color) was a good one - it really brings out the beauty of this building. I too am in awe of the engineers and designers who create such spaces. Thank you so much for joining in with this month's Third Thursday Challenge and sharing this visual treat.

  4. uuummmm. Wow! Fantastic series. the last 3 are my faves-likely the 3rd from last the ultimate wow for me, but followed closely.
    Love seeing this post and I totally get you infusing some Brenda into your images.

  5. I wonder how many engineers think of themselves of "dreamers in chrome, steel and glass"--it's a very poetic description and I think many of them would appreciate it even if they embrace the more pragmatic side of their work.

    Your images are spectacular--each one was more compelling than the last. I really enjoyed what you did here.


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