Unusual Easter Eggs

I am really stretching the Easter egg theme this year. Having just returned from Chicago and now watching baby Lauren while other Funny Bunnies are in Hawaii with mommy and daddy (tough life I know) coloring eggs, baking goodies just isn't in the plans for this Easter weekend.
However, I can't let the special occasion pass without something to share and hoping you have a beautiful weekend with friends and family.  

A gigantic chocolate bunny and spring colored eggs outside one of the many quaint businesses and homes in St. Charles, IL.
This is just too yummy.

The charming homes lining the streets are the best of Easter egg colors!

Since we didn't color eggs, this is the next best thing I can share.  I believe you will be able to figure these images out.

Cupcakes would be lovely right now but lets try something a bit different.  Tea anyone?

Wishing all you dear friends a lovely Easter celebration. And if not Easter, a spring time weekend filled with happiness.

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  1. Love that teal-colored house - how stunning! And that gigantic chocolate bunny :) The combination made me smile. Wishing you and yours a Happy Easter!


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