Welcome to My Sketchbook

It occurred to me, that I hadn't shared some of my sketches of India, nor many of my photos. Seems like it might be a return journey I would enjoy: sharing photos, especially of the tea plantations and sketches of the elephants. An Elephant Journal has a nice ring to it. Yes, dear friends, help me remember to do this very soon.
For you a few sketches very simply done with watercolor, brush and Micron pen.

If we are not living an optimistic life then what is there?
                                                                               Veer Bhadra Mishra

Namaste....may these few sketches brighten your minutes: Sharon

Painting with Wax: Cambodian Inspiration

 Cambodia, not a traveller's normal destination. But our choice to go there was a life altering experience.  The people, the history, the wars, the culture, the struggles, the kindness of the people, the brown eyed children and the vast Angor Vat.

It has been three years since visiting Cambodia, but the influence lingers on.  Recently I started exploring encaustic paint....working with wax and oil. I couldn't quite figure out the images I was creating until I was reviewing my photos to "organize them."  And there it was:  my mind and imagination had subconsciously culled up the vast portholes, arches, caves, vistas, root encrusted relics....
 The following pieces are now framed in floating black and gold wood frames and debuting at the RiverView Gallery.  Unfortunately a photo can't show the depth of working in many layers of translucent wax and rich oil colors, but it is a luscious way to paint.  

A close up shot of the texture.

                   Going Deep Within            12x12 framed

                         Awareness               10x10 framed

           Epiphany    12x12 framed

            A Burst of Brilliance   11x14 framed

                   Meditation        11x14 framed

These last two paintings are an exploration of "painting" with wax and oil paint with various brushes and fingers to create a more realistic, less abstract piece.  It was an interesting approach with this medium.

To keep the "glow" on a piece of encaustic, one can periodically lightly rub with a  soft piece of flannel like cloth.  There is no need for anything else other than not hanging over a heater or in direct sunlight.  

RiverView Gallery  410-939-6401 or contact me if you are interested in one of these paintings.

I am working on new pieces which I will be excited to share at a later date. It was a stretch to work in an entirely new medium. A good stretch at that!!! Ah the possibilities.

May Flowers

May almost swept passed me in a blur of rain, rain and more rain; budding green leaves bursting in translucent glazes of green; azaleas and hydrangeas dressed in lavender blue, hot pink to coral; birds flocking to seed filled feeders eager to quench their youngs' budding appetites; stagnant winter lawns overnight sprouting to the height of pasture grass  and lazy-day porches decked with freshly painted white wicker rockers, colorful cushions and green ferns swinging from hooks. 

Isn't it the musical Camelot that sings an ode to May?

May really is one of the most beautiful months of the year here in the South. 
And now we hopscotch into June...that is "bustin' out all over."  

It is Texture Tuesday at Kim's creative space, and I couldn't let the month pass without sharing a touch of May color.

But first, may I publicly express my sincere hope and prayers
for Kim's husband, John, who became seriously ill a few weeks ago.  Together they will be on a long journey.   
I know that there are legions of fans and followers of Kims that wish them both the very best....spiritually, mentally and physically. 

These beautiful blooms aren't the vibrant colors that I originally photographed.  Through digital magic they are presented with a beautiful "old world" sensibility: like a piece of faded ecru tatting; a cherished letter fading into tints of  sepia; a long ago forgotten flower, almost colorless, with a story to tell. 

For the first time I used Florabelle Black and White actions. Once I loved what I randomly came up with, I washed over them with Kim's Grunged Up texture.

Blessings to you Kim, John and your family.