Welcome to My Sketchbook

It occurred to me, that I hadn't shared some of my sketches of India, nor many of my photos. Seems like it might be a return journey I would enjoy: sharing photos, especially of the tea plantations and sketches of the elephants. An Elephant Journal has a nice ring to it. Yes, dear friends, help me remember to do this very soon.
For you a few sketches very simply done with watercolor, brush and Micron pen.

If we are not living an optimistic life then what is there?
                                                                               Veer Bhadra Mishra

Namaste....may these few sketches brighten your minutes: Sharon


  1. Sharon, I'm envious of the life and grace you can capture with just a few strokes of watercolor. You make it look so easy! Beyond that, I love the way you've photographed your sketchbook with backgrounds and textures that enhance the images. And - "Yes, please" to the elephant journal!

  2. I love seeing all the steps in your creative process - how in your journal you have captured the colors and shapes of India on the pages. Thank you for sharing!

  3. You captured the colors and textures of what I observed and felt during my trip to India. I fell in love with the sari colors especially The smiles and friendliness will always be with me. I also kept a journal and it is treasured.
    You have a great eye with the camera.


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