Shuffling in the Sand and Sketches

We just returned from the Seabrook Beach in South Carolina.
Still shaking sand from my shoes and processing 
photos from tiny alligator close on my heels
 to misty gray waves leaving ruffles of ocean foam along the damp shoreline. 

Admittedly it will take awhile to get back to "normal?"

I went prepared with a small suitcase of art supplies for the Three Funny Bunnies and myself.
Guess who went through ALL of the supplies? No it wasn't me.
No beach sketches to share, so how about some recent 

  I keep promising myself I will get some sketches done very soon...but .........I need to purchase a new supply of paper !!


  1. What fun! Hope you had a great beach vacation. Looking forward to the shots.

  2. How wonderful to travel as you do! I can tell you had a great vacation. That first photo is wonderful - I love the composition focusing on the umbrella, and being able to see the rest of the person in the reflection. Your Provence sketches are beautiful and so colorful.

  3. We were leaving for South Carolina just as you returned...I'm "back to reality" today and catching up on my blog feed. I hope you had a wonderful vacation - your photos are lovely, as well as your beautiful sketches! :)


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