Love Affairs with Provence: the Book

A few months ago I met an extraordinary woman,  Paula Lawlor.  She purchased a painting of Provence from my website.
 Soon letters passed between us.  Through amazing coincidences we found we had much in common; one being the joy of travel in the South of France. 
As a young woman, Paula, working as an au pair in Toulon,  fell in love with Provence. In 2009 these strong feelings were once again rekindled in her discovery of 
Saint Mary Magdalene and
 La Sainte-Baume.
Her personal journey is quite extraordinary.

I received a note asking permission to use one of my paintings on her brochure showcasing her Novena Tour of Provence to Saint Mary Magdalene, July 2013.

It was a pleasure to accommodate her.  I was so impressed with the beautifully illustrated brochure, the towns and villages the tour will visit and the destination of La Sainte-Baume for the Feast of St. Mary Magdalene, on July 22nd. Thoughtful care has been taken to assure a life long memory for all who join her.  

Paula is the creator and founder of 
Magdalene Publishing  (click)
She has published four books that she has written and illustrated with works of art, painting, sculpture, drawing and photography. 
She is a gifted writer and researcher. 

 And her new book to coincide with her tour:

I was totally surprised to receive copies of all of her books, and discover that one had my name on it along with artists I revere, honor and have personally studied. It was and is an unexpected, totally humbling experience. For which I can simply say 
Thank You.

A gift from the heart, unexpected, is the best kind of present.

Spend a few quiet minutes savoring Paula's beautiful website. You will be introduced to Paula, her books, current and future tours, gift items, maps of Provence and the blog of the journey she and others are presently on.

You can reach her at:
www.Magdalene  (click on name)

If you are interested in a copy of Love Affairs with Provence or other titles, you can order directly from MP.
Unfortunately, I don't have a way of sharing the pages inside this book. But it is a book rich with information and reproductions of works of art on each page. 

Paula, thank you for choosing a complete stranger, to join you vicariously on your first tour.  My happiness and joy goes with you.
smiles: sharon


  1. What an honor to be given, and included in such a fine list of four.

  2. Congrats to you to be featured in such a wonderful way! I am applauding for you from here in Ohio!


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