Would you LOVE to spend a few weeks in the South of France, in particular, Cassis?
My son and family have been there, so nothing but the south of France
has been in my thoughts the past few weeks.
We went with them a few years ago, and I remember most the ocean backdrop and the kids, four at the time, pulling spun filaments of pink cotton candy!  
The photo I took on that occasion was so special to me, that I painted them a little canvas of that particular moment in time.

Pink Cotton Candy, Smiling Faces, Sticky Fingers, Turquoise Ocean
that is a "rainbow" memory for sure.

Idea: I would do some French sketches and one larger painting while they were actually in Cassis.
Well, let's say, I managed to rush through a rather large painting, choosing to use acrylics.
This is what I got....but not what I have now:

Painting in Haste is Waste:  I took an acrylic solvent to it and now it is mushy gray stained canvas!  When I return to the canvas it will be with deliberation and oil paints!

A series of boat paintings were completed after that first trip to Cassis.... I rather wish I had kept one for memory sake

 We would eat ourselves silly on the most delicious, scrumptious delights...sweets to cheese and back again. So a few sketches landed in my sketchbook reserved for travel.  (I will share a photograph of the cover in my next post.)

Recalling what I did to the first boat painting...well I couldn't leave well enough alone and ......

One can barely tell they are the same sketch...obviously on the second one I painted over with very saturated color!  Just love that color.

Before I close I have one more sketch????  well this time it was done on a tablet.  It is a whole other art form working with an App on a tablet with only your finger or a stylus!!!! This is pure simplicity, but fun and relaxing.  I used Sketches.

Bon Jour dear friends!
I think the next few posts you will find "France on my Mind"....come along with me.
See you then !


  1. Your work never ceases to amaze me - so vibrant and full of life! Beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing, Sharon! I would love to visit France one day; in the meantime, your paintings took me there for a moment.

  2. I have never been to France but your paintings capture what I think of when I think about that country's southern region. Such luscious colors, bright and cheerful and so very lovely.

    And yes, I would be happy to have more France - as seen through your eyes.

  3. I love the colors -- you make me want to fly to France. Beautiful.


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