Rainbows of Color: a peek at a Sketchbook

Rainbow Travels: is my smallest sketchbook for traveling. 
This particular sketchbook I adhered checkered cotton fabric with gel medium to the top of the book. Separately I troweled plaster on top of rough canvas and got this really cool texture. After drying, I adhered with more gel medium, weighed down with books and let thoroughly dry. Fun part was painting a very simple design with diluted acrylic, followed by micro pen lines. Varnish completed the process.    The plaster renders the colors very intense.  Watercolor, gouache, acrylic or oil may be used.

When I get new watercolors I make small cards with the color/brand and name.  It can be very helpful when you have way too many tubes of watercolor, let alone "pan sets." 
I particularly enjoy Daniel Smith and some Winsor Newton colors.

Micron pen and very thinned watercolor. Sometimes I use the pen after the watercolor is in place and other times, before.  If you use gouache it is better to do pen sketching AFTER applying gouache due to its opacity.

Provencal fabrics are enjoyed all over the world, and I have done my share of "collecting" them.
They are a beautiful inspiration for an artist: design, color, pattern....everything to make one's heart go "ping."  

Tea in the Afternoon
Oil 16/2Tea in the Afternoon

Sketching is loads of fun especially working in a smaller format. But painting in oil is the "best-est" for me.

In 1990, I was "over the moon" to discover:
Sara Midda's South of France------A Sketchbook.

I can't imagine that half the sketching world 
isn't aware of this fabulously inspiring sketchbook.   
It is still available, along with other books she has more recently published.  
This week I am totally engaged with the idea of doing some 
"Sara-inspired" sketches.....soft soft colors, no drawn lines and tiny perfect handwriting. Not drawing with a micron pen will definitely be a challenge...but that is what art is all about 
 Personal Challenges.

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  1. As always, I remain in awe of your sketching/painting abilities. I so enjoy seeing your process, your sketches and the finished product. Such lovely, colorful, happy work! And yes, it's all about personal challenge.


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