Sweet Moments captured through my Phone

It isn't often that I post photos from my phone. Taking photos with my phone is almost like a vacation from my Big Mama camera....just point and shoot, delete, reshoot, send to someone, or when there is time actually manipulate the photograph into more than it is...hopefully. Phone photography has become such a huge new form of photography, especially when manipulated with an eye for individuality. Yes, to do it well, there is a bit of a steep learning curve, but that is the fun...that and working for an individual look.  I had so many photos from the beach and was a bit sad having them lost in the depths of my photo pool, that I fished them out (pun intended) and thought I would play a bit.
First the photo takes a trip through Snapseed a great photo editor...very easy to use. Then it is ready for a chosen app or two.  Right now I am working on "learning" Glaze......I love how others use it, but I am still fussing around.  Rather than be so "wordy" lets share a few fun summer beach pics.  The reasons for the duplicates is to show how one app can be worked in so many directions. Besides using Glaze, I have also used Repix and PhotoToaster. 

Add a little "sparkle" to your day.    
Thank you Funny Bunnies and Repix !

Working with photos and apps can become quite addicting.  I need to set a timer to not over-stay my welcome.


  1. What fun experiments! With such wonderful subjects. I love seeing what can be done with smart phone images - someday that will be me. I obviously remain the only photographer in America without a smart phone camera.

  2. Wonderful effects! Glaze is one of my favorites...I'm still trying to figure Repix out. I think I have Photo Toaster, but haven't used it much. It's good to "see" you, Sharon - thanks for sharing your beach images. :)

  3. Sharon, these were really fun! I appreciated that you showed different treatments of the same photos. Most of them have a very impressionistic feeling. I've been taking more phone photos lately, but haven't done much with photo apps.

    By the way, I love your new header. I tend to surround myself with pastels because they soothe me, but your bold, bright colors always give me a lift.


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