Poppin' around with Houdini

I was a bit worried so I checked my genealogy and found that I am
not related to Houdini!  Whew that was a relief. Putting that little tidbit aside, I do seem to disappear every now and then, without a trace of information of where I am going. 
At times I feel like Popper's Penguins, popping up here, there, everywhere..... 
So to get me back into the groove, I will randomly choose a place to POP into and see what adventure awaits.
(But first think of your own public library and what it looks like on a Saturday morning.)

Are you ready, let's POP over to Choa Chu Kang Public Library

Choa Chu Kang Library is found on an upper level of an Asian mall in Singapore. It is an hour before opening and there are throngs of eager young and old folks waiting to enter. This is normal for a library in Singapore.

Now where is this ant trail of little shoes leading us:

Well that is an invitation worth checking out.
Whoa, isn't she a little young?

Without reservation, LuLu got into the thick of it!! 
After all it was a room full of BLANK-WHITE paper wrapped on walls, floor and boxes; rainbow tins of crayons, pencils and markers; bright lights casting deep dark shadows from projectors; and a total "create what you want" atmosphere. 

A gift from two women who understand how important art, without restrictions and rules, are for young and old alike; they set up art camps all over Singapore...today it was the library. 

Bright projector lights makes it an "other worldly" atmosphere.

A covered box with white paper makes a super child size easel. 

A cast of shadows wiggle amongst the drawings.

With great concentration, every inch of paper is soon covered with art created by little hands with big imaginations. 

I loved this Leaning Tower of critters. 

So eager to put down his story, this artist decided to use BOTH hands!

Running barefoot in the crayons, on crinkly paper, brings out the artist in everyone.

Is this a cool library, or what?

All photos taken with a smart phone
 under rather challenging circumstances.
Capturing the moment is all that counts.

Looking forward to sharing other places I have been "popping"into....until then cover a box with paper and go for it!!  Hopefully inviting a child to come along with you.  smiles: sharon


  1. How wonderful to put such a strong emphasis on art for children! Love the image of all the shoes - great perspective.

  2. LOVED this! Sarah forwarded me the post since it took place at my old library and mall. This was wonderful and thrilled me to see.


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