Popping back to Charlotte, North Carolina

Fresh on the heels of a 22 hour flight, I POPPED back to Charlotte,  excited to  take a workshop with  Lost Aussie on the Loose, Marie Otero. Marie is a warm, soft spoken, friendly, talented artist, photographer and photoshop guru.  Be sure and check out her website to see some GORGEOUS photography, her online classes, workshops and digital artwork.  

It felt a bit like a time warp returning to the US where everything seems sooooo easy: we write and speak English, can count change all by ourself and not always be asking for directions. The time had come to change cultural perspectives and rethink photography choices.
As a side note: I returned to a kaleidoscope of color after all of the soothing greens in Asia; so I just had to share this beautiful autumn photo of a tree in our front yard.

 Fine Art Creative Black and White Photography Workshop was a two day, one evening class held in Charlotte. Mornings were devoted to exploring the wealth of photographic possibilities, in the city then returning to a hotel conference room where we learned various ways to convert our color photos to black and white.  

Marie worked her way between  "students" helping us get correct camera settings, points of view to consider and sundry tips just right to maximize our photographs.  

through the lens of my camera.

I have been delighted to live in the Charlotte area these past three years, but with this workshop my eyes were re-opened to its vibrant, elegant, sophisticated architecture; the cohesiveness of the city by the planning gurus; the varied, interesting, and stellar monuments and sculptural pieces; quiet streams, ponds, and waterfalls softened by the fall of autumn leaves; green metal benches lined up along roads beckoning  the walker to sit awhile and  LOOK and SEE what was before them. Ah, so much to see and take in...and a lens truly clarifies just that.

A moment of tranquility in a park.

Queen Charlotte of 4th Street.  I chatted with a few men who were sunning in the warmth of the sun on a green metal bench. This kind soul rescued his dog when it was tossed out of a car on that street in front of him.  He nursed him back to health.  I so appreciated him allowing me to take their photo.  
Capturing the "humanity" in others is the ultimate joy for me.

 To end this little photo-log, I loved this photograph I am calling "reflection upon reflection"...love the  touch of color.

I will share more views of Charlotte...perhaps you will fall in love with the Queen's City, as I have, just remember to bring your camera. 

The world looks different through a camera's lens.

Also posting to another wonderful photographer, Kim Klassen's, Friday Finds.


  1. What beautiful photos...I absolutely love the reflection image. Stunning! And I see you made a trip to Asia - wonderful! Thanks for sharing, Sharon. :)

  2. I loved seeing Charlotte through your eyes and I am so thrilled that the Black and White perspective enthralled you. It's amazing what you can SEE when you confine your boundaries just a little bit!
    Thank you for being part of such a great group!

  3. How very lucky for you that you were able to spend time photographing Charlotte. Your images are quite stunning - your BW conversions so lovely. My favorite is the park bench - those black lines contrasted with the feathery grasses behind. And I see you captured a wonderful reflection - yeah!

  4. Fabulous to have you in the class and I am so glad that it rekindled your enthusiasm for this lovely city!

  5. Sharon, I really enjoyed getting to know Charlotte too. What a friendly city - loved all the plazas and public art and green spaces. So nice to see your photos from our adventure.



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