Winter Whites

New Year's Eve 2013, quiet evening in Chicago with husband, daughter and granddaughter. The snow is heavily falling, we peek out the frosty windows to the street lights, checking, wondering: will the soft white flakes continue through the New Year's Night?   For a southern gal this is quite an experience....Slowly I breathe memories on the panes: I am a small child, on a farm, running in snow up to my knees, falling, plopping, sinking into soft white pillows forming snow angels.
This silence gives pause for a moment's reflection....

Tomorrow will be a snow-white Day, a New Day in my blank white day-calendar. 
What will the pages hold?


  1. What a beautiful description of your New Year's Eve...a snowy white wonderland! It sounds lovely...wishing you a very happy 2014, Sharon. :)

  2. Enjoy everything frosty! Love your abstracted winter images. Wishing you and yours a wondrous 2014!


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