Polar What?

Hi and Welcome Back....I should say, I welcome myself BACK!
My husband and I went to Chicago, that is crazy-correct, Chicago right after Christmas.
If you followed any news you might have an  idea of what happened:
POLAR VORTEX or something like that.
No matter what you call it, all I know is it was dog gone FRIGID.
We once lived in Chicago and I don't recall anything like this past week.  After four days of cancelled flights and no ability to navigate the highways, we are now home. Bless you brave, bold, stalwarts who got the flights going, the roads semi cleared, trains moving and schools and businesses opened.
 So I start out the New Year feeling might GRATEFUL to all who made it possible to get home in one piece !
I hope you had a lovely holiday, no matter how you celebrate it. And now we start with a clean, new calendar....well, mine was already marked up a bit, but that is okay. At least it is not all wrinkled and dog-eared. 

SHHHH news: I have almost completed two paintings I started last November. Nothing slow about me.  I keep thinking "tortoise-tortoise." 
If NO ONE requests me to do something for them, and I get this blog posted, I just might have two paintings to post, with step by step photos....but I better think Monday not Saturday. A Grammy needs a little leeway when she lives around the corner from three adorable Funny Bunnies.

Have  you been blog hopping?  If so you maybe have encountered:
Word for the Year
Lists and Lists
On line classes without number
Exercise, Exercise, no Sugar, no Gluten
Well it got the best of me as I hopped around from one blog to another, especially since we don't have decorations put away. 
Sharon's Intentions


Feeling the High yet?

(Maybe I should reconsider something a bit less drastic????)


Take Joy in the New Year !
Until next time, Smiles: Sharon


  1. Glad you are now safely home! I felt lucky to be snuggled in my own home for the 3 days of frigid weather we had here in Northeast Ohio. Loved your happy, happy Sugar High paintings - scrumptious!

  2. Yikes, I can't imagine how cold it must've been in Chicago - I'm glad you finally arrived home safe and sound. Your paintings are so cheery and lovely! :)


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