A Day Well Lived

I have wanted to rejoin Kat Sloma's
Photo-Heart connection, where at the 
 beginning of each month, we post our favorite photograph from the past month.
You would think that choosing a favorite in the month of December would be fun and spontaneous.
But this year, December was different.
Yes, always a few too many things to attend to.
Yes, shopping, wrapping, gifting.
Yes, decorating and baking.
Yes, making time for service to others.
But then the unexpected occurs, drops in like an unwanted
Eight out of Ten Women
Breast Cancer.
The unwanted visitor with its fearful shadow: two friends, diagnosed within a few weeks of one another. 
This placed a pall, a deep shadow over the golden holiday.
Rejoicing turned to Earnest Prayer.

And this is why the photograph I share is the most meaningful to me.

Each day becomes important that it is well-lived; makes every yesterday a dream of happiness; and each tomorrow a blessing of HOPE
My friend created this simple, wooden, vessel for me.
It is simple. It is lovely to feel. It gleams with good intentions. It sits on my desk.
Each day, as she awaited tests and surgery
she thought of others, living in the moment, with a positive attitude and a desire to serve others.

Hearts are Vessels.

We each have one to fill
 to overflowing with 
tightly encircled with a Pink Ribbon of Love. 

Both of my friends are doing well. I believe that because they have hearts filled with positive gifts they will return to Tomorrow, better than they were Yesterday.
Much love, Sharon


  1. What a lovely tribute to your friends! My thoughts are with them as they face their diagnosis. Yes - may we each fill our heart-vessel with joy and love.

  2. Sharon, my thoughts and prayers are with your friends - may they both continue to do well!


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