Carolina Breezes

How pleasant it is to be UN-broken. be whole be content wish for nothing more

Such are the feelings of Peace I find at the ocean
....on the hot sand
....capturing seagulls with my lens
....brushing sand off my tattered straw hat
...hearing giggles and laughter of children building sand castles
...equally cherishing the broken and unbroken shells
....being one with myself.

Today I share a new painting, inspired by such visits to
....shed the old skin
.....and live in the new
...if but for a short time.

Carolina Breezes

close up detail

This painting is 40 x 30 on gallery wrap canvas. Oil.
You may see more details at
click HERE

For my friends who visit my blog, there will be free shipping and 100.00 off the listed price.
You can place your order on the website and I will personally reimburse you the 100.00 after shipping. Sorry shipping only in the USA. 
This opportunity to have "a spot of the beach in your home" will expire on May 15, 2014


  1. So lush and colorful - I can smell the salt breeze through that open window. So very lovely.

  2. Spectacular! So, so beautiful, Sharon! I feel the same way about the ocean...


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