Collecting, Gathering, Sharing

Isn't it interesting the things that we are attracted to? I have often wondered why I love certain things when there is no context to do so.
Like green depression glass!!
 I have collected glasses, bowls, plates, pitchers, cake plates
and this special juice was a thrill every piece I found in a rummage, garage sale....

I marvel that the depression glass was once a premium, it came with purchases of certain foods.
Today one gets coupons...even Cracker Jacks is a big disappointment.  Remember the fun toys that USED to be in a CJ box?
So glad I fell in love with this beautiful glass, the color, clarity, patterns and history.  It is a joy to hand down to my daughter and her daughter.

One wonderful way to preserve memories of things we have collected is through photography....simply taking a picture.
It was fun to pose the little juice bowl, take photographs and then apply some textures.
Some put away their special collections, but I have found great joy
in displaying and using those objects that I have been drawn to.

How many generational hands will this bowl pass through.
Will there come a time when it is discarded, like it was before I found it?  Who previously owned had to have been 50-60 years old when it came to our home where it is loved.
Collecting, Gathering, Sharing


  1. That is a fascinating green glass! I love thinking of the history of these kinds of beautiful objects. It's such an unusual color, too.

  2. Lovely thoughts and lovely images!

  3. What a lovely piece...and it's in my favorite color! Beautiful thoughts and images. :)

  4. For a long time, I collected glass salt dips - so I know exactly what you mean - there is nothing like the thrill of finding something new to add to your collection. I think it is the hunt, as much as the items themselves, that explains the attraction to collecting. And yes, I absolutely remember the days of Cracker Jack prizes :) Lovely ode to the thrill of collecting.

  5. depression glass is very collectible and pretty too - goes well with your fruit

  6. What a great find. I used to have a similar juicer. The green color goes so well with many things in the kitchen. Great photos.

  7. I used to have a juicer like that, except mine was plain clear glass. I loved the design - simple, elegant, efficient. Yours adds the beauty of that lovely green to the list.


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