Perpetual Student

 When I was a young mom, with five children close in age, I found that I needed to "get away" now and then....ANYONE RELATE?  My choice was to take a class...and so I did for years and years.

As I look back over SOOOO many years, I note a pattern as I am still taking classes. But is it a different experience today!!  Where previous classes were composed of sitting in a classroom or art studio with lots of people, today  (for me) it is "online learning" which can be done with or without communication.  

There is an explosion of online classes available: photography, illustration, painting, textiles to name a few. Believe me I have signed up for many a class.  Online versus "in person" has definite perks: don't have to get dressed up, travel, can do it at 3:00am, etc. However I have found my commitment level has not kept up.  In other words, I may sign up for a class, but not start it until it is finished, or start and stop...start and stop..and... and worse...just plain forget about it.  But it doesn't stop me from signing up for something that is totally enticing and "I am positive I will do it this time."  ANYONE RELATE?  

There are some marvelous instructors, some very intriguing subject matter... some of you might be interested in some of the best I have "hung out with."  Now and then I would love to share with you the classes, instructors and a bit of what I have done.

So lets start with something really, really, super really FUN.  
is hugely popular.
Mindy is a charming southern gal, with loads of ideas for
painting the cutest little characters....
I have taken several of her classes and actually completed a few of the projects with my own interpretations.  
This is a great place for those who are beginner, or wish to be beginner, to those with more painting experience.
The way she teaches painting and collage everyone can do. This is a huge plus...

I am taking Primitive Faces II...mine aren't as primitive as Mindy demonstrates but that is okay.  
These two I just completed this week. 

Two years ago I got the BIG idea of painting a "personalized" canvas for five or our grandchildren.  It was lots of fun and done in a bit of Mindy's artistic style. The pieces are large and framed in simple black frames. 

If you are so inclined to try a class, even if you know very little about paints and STUFF....Mindy's courses are a fantastic place to start.

Let me know what you think....or perhaps you have a suggestion of a great instructor and can add it to the comments section.

I would ask that you not print, distribute or use these images.  They are quite personal.

Moments of Still-ness

Moments of Still-ness a honey-sweet blessing when mixed with a full cup of Busy-ness.
And ├╝ber busy would describe our summer.
It is good.
I am grateful.
Entering my life for the past two days have been welcomed moments of quiet, reserve, Still-ness and reflection. This I was waiting for, this I needed.

What "stills" my heart:

Discovering a new flower that looks like a split-petal daisy.  

The wonder on a child's face in her own moment of Still-ness.

While walking discovering a huge, red mushroom. It perched like a ruby red jewel from deep in the earth.

Ripe pears with creamy brie and crackers.

Turtle-Turtle, a tiny two inch box turtle found on our patio. 
Did she drop from the sky?
Quiet fun, naming her, pondering where she came from.

For me the beauty of Still-ness comes with slowing down enough to really SEE and FEEL the little 
tender mercies around me. 

iphone photos-unedited