Don't Be Afraid to Go Out on a Limb's where all the fruit is.  Shirley MacLaine
It could be suggested that I went "out on a limb" when I       enrolled in another on-line class.  
"I shouldn't, restrain yourself, put on the brakes." I murmured, reproachably.
"But it is so fun to learn new things and meet new people!" my less pragmatic side countered.
I always lose the pragmatic arguments.  And thus happily
enrolled in one more of Kim Klassen's fantastic photography classes.
Kim suggested we photograph fruit, more specifically, 
  "Hmm healthy to snack on after photographing," last word goes to Justification. 
Indian statues. Once sold in Indian markets, like American 20's-30's green depression glass.  Wasp nest, minus the wasps, found in the folds of our table umbrella. Black and White bowls from neighborhood Asian market. 
Fun tea service found in an Elevator Shop in Hong Kong. Don't forget Chinese New Year is coming up.
The Year of the Goat.
Provence, France where printed fabrics and pretty dishes are hard to resist. Citrus fruit: Harris Teeter's.

Looking forward to sharing with you more photos as I move through the various lessons.
I did have a pragmatic "light bulb" moment while fussing with still life setups and photographing.
A few of these vignettes will be perfect to paint on canvas.
But don't hold your breath.  

All work on S. Furner Fine Art is copyrighted. 


  1. Beautifully citrusy. I like all the different arrangements that you came up with - and yes, I can see all these as wonderful painted studies.

  2. Sharon, that last composition looks like one of your paintings already. Your still lifes are filled with so much color and...LIFE! It's wonderful to see - it looks so warm compared to the snow and cold outside here. I wish you a happy and colorful weekend, my friend.


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