Moving On From Picasa: a Personal Journey with Computers

For many years I depended upon Picasa to store and edit my photos. At that time our family used a PC. 
I liked Picasa, it was easy to use, allowed a small amount of editing and then easy to publish or share from.
My "smooth" world changed when my PC unexpectedly  expired/died. 
Lesson: Pendulum-of-life swings back and forth.
In the Beginning: Our first family computer was a Mac. It is an understatement the "grief" it brought into my new computer experience. 
Eager to learn basics, I took a class from a retired ex-Army sergeant. I was the only female in an all male class, conducted in a "military" sort of way. I became unglued...nervous...intimidated. Little learning took place in my jumpy mind and shaky fingers!  
Eventually our family moved on to a PC and for some reason it appeared so much easier but was it?  

Over time, Mac's evolved into Apple and I became more curious, more desirous of what I was reading.
My family thought I was crazy/not thinking/not practical/ but Bingo! Change! I did it and have never looked back. I am now fully committed to Apple. And with that the use of Lightroom and Photoshop.  
It is all about Exploring, Learning, Practice and Doing.... (personally found so much easier to learn second time around!)

 I use Google and Yahoo.  One day I was thinking about my years using Picasa on my PC. Thousands of photos had been left in my old PC that suddenly quit.  Bless (Google's) Heart, as I rummaged around their various options and found hundreds upon hundreds of my old photos, albums and paintings  done years ago!!!  It was a walk down memory lane reacquainting with paintings and photographs I had totally forgotten about. 
Sharing with you a few paintings I rediscovered from way back when......

        The pendulum does swing.
 Thank you Picasa for saving what I thought I had lost. 
A deep pleasure to FIND YOU AGAIN !  
A bit of my life memories have been restored.
Addendum: I use iPhoto to collect and store phone photos. These are transferred to folders on my harddrive. I use a Master Lightroom Folder to move photos into LR or PS.  It took awhile to "sink in." But there is no way but up!  PS: almost all adult kids use an Apple computer.   


  1. I love all my Apple products. We are a proud family of using every Apple device possible.

  2. I wish I could afford an Apple computer, but they are too expensive for me to even contemplate. I do love my iPhone and iPad, though!

  3. How wonderful to have these long-lost beauties found again. I am a PC/Android user - always have been. Never jumped on the Apple bandwagon.


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