Expecting a Cold Wave

Rumors have it that it might, just might, well maybe, sort of
Yup, a bit of snow in the forecast for Monday or Tuesday.
Here in the south it is an occasion for cheering, scrambling through boxes for gloves and hat, and being pretty assured that there will be NO school.  Just a dusting of snow calls for a Snow Day!
Pretty Please, just enough snow to get outside and take some pictures of the Funny Bunnies making a modest size snow-lady, or the dogs romping wildly on the slippery grass.
Just to be sure that all is ready, decided to make a soup.
Ham Hock and Red Lentil Soup.

I would kindly give you the recipe but I didn't have one....just say I "hoofed" it!
I must have been "channeling" Julia Child...as I diced all those potent onions.

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If you are afraid of Butter use Cream !
Thanks Julia, you are a woman after my own heart. 


  1. I hope you do get just enough snow for a fun snow day. Most people around here think we've had our share and then some already, but there's more on the way. I made bean soup during our first blizzard this winter. Thanks for the reminder...I just pulled some from the freezer which I'll enjoy for my dinner tonight! :-)

  2. I will gladly send you some of our Ohio snow to glisten your grass :) Enjoy the white stuff if it comes. And enjoy that soup - it looks heavenly - the perfect accompaniment to winter weather.


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