The Storm of the Year?

My previous post we were excitedly preparing for the snow storm of the "year," well, season.  Indeed there was a storm.
Through the night the rain pelted the windows with darts of cracking sharpness. The temperatures plummeted down with accelerating speed.
I awoke at 2:30, scurried to the front room window, hoping to see falling SNOW through the crack in the blind. 
6:30 AM, there would be snow, the weatherman had promised.
Within a few hours, our world transformed, encapsulated with thick, clear, wavy ICE! 
Seeing the cup half full, I reasoned that ice in and of itself is beautiful. 
I hadn't charged my camera batteries for nothing. I headed outside, staying safely on the porch.
Our little world was beautiful in unexpected ways... 
 tiny miracles of life encapsulated in coffins of clarity .
 long lengths of rough branches, magnified.
 black streets, silvery white.

Later this morning as I sit at the computer, shafts of sun pierce through the barren branches, angling onto my desk. All is well. A few photos, a bit of editing, and acknowledgement for expectations.
Sounds of neighbor boys outside on their snow pans, racing down the center of the icy street. Oblivious to everything but fun.
Pups hopping on padded paws, licking up the icy goodness.
Red Robins splashed against deep evergreens tipped in ice.

The fleeting pleasure of something different is just as lovely.

What I saw this morning.
Life under the weight of nature.
KK Flourish
Predawn, weighed down branches, nothing stirs.
KK  1 AM 
 Sun Flare breaks through, shedding warmth.
Robin Egg Blue, the first sky color to greet me.
Sun rises, droplets fall, cycle in completion.
We ate the winter soup a few days ago. But today we feast upon the visual bounties of Nature's Fickleness.

A large prayer sent the way to those who have more than their share of harsh weather. May you be warm and safe. Your blue skies are coming.


  1. Great pictures of extraordinary weather. It's all bright sunshine where I live.

  2. From the heavy weight of snow and ice to the beauty of the sun rising to melt it all. Your shots are gorgeous....

  3. Beautiful series. Especially like the first photo.

  4. Ah, yea - the fickleness of nature. You know there are plenty of us willing to lend you some of our white stuff. Glad you enjoyed your icy wonderland instead. Beautiful images.

  5. Ice storms worry me because they tend to bring down tree limbs and power lines. I'm glad you were able to appreciate yours and get some great photos, too!


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