Something new is exploding forth.
Time to do a bit of paint-exploration.
Actually I have been all over the place trying new techniques and color combinations. 
This painting has been so much fun. 

Photos just don't show the details, however, this painting is based on an underneath abstract design. The yumminess comes with all of the mediums used.  Acrylic for all base work, charcoal sketching (messy), overlays of soft pastel (the coolest part), crayon (just to be kid-like), graphite scribbles (hidden messages?) and splotches of ink (being clumsy).  

REPEAT, over and over with the various mediums until I had to say, ENOUGH!  

WILD FLOWERS, 24x30, Gallery wrap
One more in a similar style, but more bold and unusual color combination. This one goes a step further with the use of an abstract stencil. The background pink is a bit lighter, and I love the play of red against the pink.  This is a very fun, expressionist way of painting.  More on the easel...

Enjoy all the fresh berries at the open air markets or at your favorite grocery store.

Smiles: Sharon

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  1. Sharon, I love that first painting. The lively brushwork and vivid colors - and those sweet little birds look a lot like my favorite salt and pepper set! Your flowers always make me feel happy!


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