Would you be brave enough to share a photo of your bedside table, publicly?
Horrors I wouldn't. 
Truth be told, until two weeks ago I had two bedside tables next to one another!
When I finally acknowledged that it was out of control, I cleaned up my "act." 
What is left on my tidy table? There is the ubiquitous box of tissues, cups of pencils, pens, paper clips, Post-it notes, practical-utilitarian lamp, odds and ends of notebooks, forgotten to-do lists, several magazines and a stack of books.  Yes, on one table.
Of course, my tablet and phone are on top of everything !

Now why in the world would I share this...nothing cool or sophisticated, unique or clever, just every nightstand stuff.

I wanted to share one item on my table: my MAGAZINES. (Actually I don't subscribe to magazines, that gives me the excuse/reason to go to the bookstore and pick up my favorites. HMMM and maybe see something else.)

So in no order, here are my CURRENT favorites:
Click on name of magazine to go to main website, if interested.

SWEET PAUL: what can I say. This is simply a divinely fun magazine.  It captures one's imagination with inventive recipes, crafts, flowers, articles and interviews.  I believe Barnes and Noble is going to be carrying it soon.  Anthropology does. I order on the website.  The covers are delightful.  Extensive website and fun blog, instagram, etc. 

BELLA GRACE: this magazine has caught the photography world by storm. I should subscribe, it can sell out quickly. Again the theme of this beautiful magazine is thoughtful, sensitive, meaningful photography and writing.  Interactive pages where you can write you own responses to their theme. Love the feel of the paper! Quarterly. Digital back copies. 

CLICK: this photography magazine focuses mostly on photography of family, friends..people in general.   Featured photographers, how-to's, online classes, blog, instagram...lots to look at.

MARIE CLAIRE IDEES: a favorite French magazine.  Marie Clair has many magazines, but this is my very very very favorite.  Full of creativity, like none other, gorgeous photography, recipes, painting, stitching, knitting, funky furniture etc.  No, unfortunately, I don't read French, but I can figure out most things from a photograph and guess work. Quarterly, so I look for it at Barnes and Noble.  I am lucky if I find 2 in a year. I found a link on Zinio, you can see magazine there and subscribe!!!!  Hmmm I think I just might subscribe. 

WHERE WOMEN CREATE:  same format as Where Women Cook, only these particular talented ladies create with all sorts of imagination, products, handmade goods/with panache and flair. Very creative are these ladies.

WHERE WOMEN COOK: ah, here we can meet the blog world's cooking stars.  Love reading about cooking entrepreneurs, their recipes, imaginative photography.  It should a scratch and smell magazine.

Through the years I have enjoyed most of Somerset Studio magazines: Somerset Studio, Artful Blogging, Altered Couture, Art Journaling. But with time, tastes change and we move on to other reading materials. Certainly all of the printed media coupled with thoughtful writing and gorgeous photography has influenced me. 

Leave a note, love to know what you are reading. 

Thank you for sharing my current favorite magazines.  Won't even start on books.  

Smiles: Sharon

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  1. That first painting reminds me of Van Gogh's Blue Bedroom, of course, though I love your bright orange one. As for bedside tables, I'd be happy to show you the one on the right side of the bed, which is very neat because I don't use it. I sleep on the other side, and that one would definitely need some tidying up before it's ready for publication. And they could both probably use a good dusting.... :-) The only reading material on my nightstand is my Kindle, which currently has almost 550 books on it. (Imagine that many traditional books on one bedside table!) I love reading before I go to asleep; it relaxes me.


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