52 Lists: Week 8

 Ways to be a Good Companion.
Friendships enrich our lives. Friendships hold our hands when sorrow crosses our path. Friendships teach us about sharing and caring.

I love this prompt from 52 Lists.

Feel free to copy the image if you wish. May it remind you of your friendships through out the years.
And the friendships yet to come. 


cheryl said…
I'm so glad you could get away to see Mateo. Your wardrobe mishap sounds like something I'd do. No matter how many places I visit I never seem to pack right! I know you'll have some happy people there if you can cook NC BBQ on the sidewalk!
Geri Centonze said…
I love your list! You are such a gifted writer and artist and I'm certain you are a good companion as well! I will print out your artwork and display it in my art room as a reminder!