Pedicures at the Beach Salon

Did you hear? there is a new pedicure salon down at the beach.
Come along we have to hurry it is a very popular place, the lines are forming!

First shed your shoes....hmmmm....boots.

Grab a seat, and drop those toes into a bowl of exfoliating bliss.

Finger tip massage, ahh, that feels so GOOD! Work your magic.

Today there is a pedicure special featuring mud packs, cost: only a few shells, oops, I mean shillings. 

Isn't this divine?  I could stay here all day. I wonder when the stars will come out.  Massage at Midnight....dream on. 

The Seahorse waving a red flag just warned me that there is a long line of hermit crabs waiting impatiently for their turns. 
Gosh I wish those uppity crabs would just crawl back into their holes, 
now I have to swish off my invigorating mud pack!!!! 

Making bubbles at the last minute with their secret ingredient, Sea Flake Suds, the final swish for super soft feet. 

Sparkling waves, blushing pink toes, petal smooth skin.
I wanted to have my toenails painted a soft lavender,
but I was told they are experiencing a challenge working on 
Olivia Octopus, who was ahead of me.

I knew I should have run faster!!


tiarastantrums said...

ha - you are giving my secret away!

CATHY said...

what a delightful Friday Find! Thanks for sharing...

Diane Baker-Williams said...

Love this post, still smiling.

bgottsab said...

Absolutely LOVE this! What a wonderfully imaginative story :)

seabluelens said...

Oh, memories of summer: bare feet, scabby knees, and hours in the water at the lake or community pool. This was such a clever take! But I wonder if there were any of those tiny fish to nibble at her toes....

Sarah Huizenga said...

Great place for a free pedicure!

Roxi -Coppercurls Designs said...

Best story ever!