Master Chef Valentine's Brunch

(Anyone watching Master Chef Junior?
We are all addicted to it.
Amazing what an interest in young kids cooking is happening in kitchens everywhere.)

9:30 AM, Valentine morning, three cute Funny Bunnies showed up on our doorstep, ready to cook, eat and play.
Miss G. baked "from scratch" these yummy blueberry muffins and chocolate dipped strawberries for our Valentine Brunch.
Hmm are we sure it
isn't Chinese New Year? The holidays are pretty close together this year.  The Asian store by our home has super fun cookies, crackers, candies and STUFF, like the kitty ceramic bowl. 
Pretty cool with your shades and pink cheeks. 
The Master Chef cooking station.  Mr.G one dozen scrambled eggs, no shells please. And Miss G.the pink/chocolate chip pancakes. 
30 minutes to go, man your stations.

A little snug at the cooking station,but all hands working their culinary magic. Auntie TaTa offered to do the bacon.
2 minutes left.  Time to "pretty up" your serving platters.  Times UP!
 Have you ever wondered who cleans up after the kids are finished cooking?
Hmmm I know!!!
We hope you have had a lovely Valentines with your favorite big and little people.

Thank you Kim Klassen for your presets: summersun, gentle and touch of drama. 


bgottsab said…
What fun! You always do such creative and wonderful things with your grandkids.