DECEMBER COUNTDOWN, where has the time gone?

This morning I was greeted by icy blue clouds lumbering in the sky.
Silently they slipped out of view
 like our days in December.

In a mere eight hours there will be a new year.

But for now I love remembering
a few special memories and moments that only can be found in 

I will see you on the other side of the year.

Thank you for all of the support and friendship you have shown me. We have all been on an amazing path.

Warmly, Sharon

Silent Prayers

I believe most desire the same things. 
I believe most desire the same for others.
I believe in the innate "goodness" of people.
I believe there is much to share a 
Silent Prayer for.

For each of us to pray in our own way, faith, and culture. 

Peacemakers, leaders who value peace, those who can see all sides of a problem.

For our most vulnerable brothers and sisters on this Earth.
For an end to the disparity between the rich and the poor 
with economic justice for all.

For an end to prejudice, religious intolerance, but rather embrace fellowship and equality.


For stewardship over our Earth and its Resources that sustain our lives.

For the Celebrations in Life that give greater meaning and joy to our lives

From our Home to Yours

We send our love for a beautiful and meaningful

Hanukkah    and     Christmas

2012--where more prayers come true for all.

with love, Sharon

Santa Lucia Day...oops one day late.

Santa Lucia
a very special family tradition that dates back
 before computers!!!!!!!!

We have been out of town for a few days, but yesterday my cute family sent Happy Santa Lucia messages to us.

It is such fun to know that our adult kids now share this tradition with their own "spin on  things" with their children.

Some will have Swedish Oven Pancakes with tons of berry jam and whipping cream.

Others will choose a daughter to wear the Santa Lucia crown of candles, walk around the house singing carols and end with a delicious breakfast.

I LOVE being linked generation to generation.

This is our family who live in Asia....they have so much fun 
celebrating....well Niko...seems to be rather distracted.

In Sweden the little boys and girls wear pastel gowns topped with cone shaped hats, carrying stars. The daughter, who is the chosen Lucia, wears candles set in a garland of greenery.
Today we use battery wreathes!!! Our eldest daughter who was Santa Lucia as little girl, had too many experiences with melted wax in her hair!!

(I can't believe I actually lit candles in my daughter's hair!!!)

Each year I have posted a bit about this wonderful Swedish tradition. If you would like a peek back in time you can click here. There is even a recipe for Swedish Oven Pancakes.
Another fun posting when Funny Bunny Two-Two was small can be found here

Heart Thought:  in my heart, family traditions are the icing on the cake when it comes to raising a family. The cool thing is: I know that each and every one of you have special moments in your lives that you dearly revere. Wish I could listen to your stories. 

Have a great week.
smiles: sharon

More From My Table

Squished in between shopping, wrapping, shipping
and a bit of photography of Funny Bunny Three-Three at age 1 month,
I managed to do a couple of holiday sketches.
No master pieces, but enjoyable, and a trip down memory lane.

All it takes is a cup of hot chocolate, a sketchbook, a few good pens and a simple set of watercolors.
As our children were growing up, so did our collection of tin cooky  cutters.
My prized possession were beautiful hand carved wooden molds for making Swedish Springerle or Lebkuchen Hearts .
I recall hammering rows of tiny nails along the top soffit of the kitchen walls. Hanging shining like glistening stars, was our ever growing collection of cooky cutters.

(truth be known they were quite the dust catchers)

Today those cooky cutters are dispersed amongst the family, who now make their own yummy sugar cookies with thick, sweet frosting. 
(I prefer PINK)
Another family tradition was the humble, cast iron aebleskiver pan.
A wonderful reminder of our Danish heritage.

Tiny crispy round donuts, fresh out of the sizzling hot pan got everyone out of bed early!!!
Dusted with powder sugar, or a slip of melted chocolate.
Or simply plain....
What a treat.
With five kids, we really could have used two pans, as the cook couldn't keep up with the appetites!
Heart Thought: through the holidays, we love the foods of our Swedish and Danish ancestors....soul food, I suppose. What special foods do you have fond memories of? Try sketching them out, or putting into words. It is rather relaxing and a great memory maker.
                                                                  warmly, sharon

From My Cluttered Table

I speak quietly, not wanting to offend my easel,
dear heart, hasn't been missed this past week!
I am happily SITTING at my messy table
just doing "this and that."
Sometimes I have to go to the garage
to work with encaustics,
but that, too, creates a messy table.
 I can SIT, as long as I don't catch
something on fire!

Yesterday I doodled away at "contour" sketching....
well I take a few liberties .
The trick is to draw something to completion but never take your 
pencil off the paper. 
AHEM that is not easy. 
So here are two humble tries.
Like I said, I did fudge here and there.

These two characters wouldn't make the grade as Mr and Mrs Claus! But the lady reminds me a bit of my Grandma Rhoda and the gentleman below...well has to be some lost uncle.

This really was an experimental page...if you look carefully you can see the faded pencil link going from one feature to another.

If you are sitting somewhere anyone who reads blogs gets bored....try contour is rather liberating and did i mention fun?

Heart Thought: do you know anyone who could use a "thinking of you" phone call today. I think I have a list of about ten who could use cheering!  I better stop writing, and make at least one call today.  I feel very blessed to not NEED a call, but can GIVE a call.
Enjoy the beginning of a new week.
Smiles: Sharon

December Just Sounds Delicious

don't you just love the word...
like "embers" in a cozy fireplace?
My Birth-Year is in December.
Three of our children were born in November, 
November babies just seem like the most precious gifts
ever in a season that holds great religious
meaning and tradition for so many
world wide. 
December: contemplation, compassion,
sharing, and celebration in little and big ways.

I hope that your DECEMBER is free from too many worries,
set backs.
That you can enjoy the interior meaning of the Month.

A long standing tradition in our home and now the homes of our grown children, have been Advent Calendars,
I sorely wish I had photos of all of the Advent Calendars we have had through the years.
One year a wooden coke case, painted green and red, bright and cheerful, held 24 tiny ornaments.
Another year a felt banner with little pockets to hold treasures.
Absolutely gorgeous German printed
Advent calendars, we saved from year to year because
 they were so special.

The only advent calendar we still have is a book  
from the ever endearing Tasha Tudor, with her nostalgic, soft watercolors.

 Today, unless you look hard, most paper calendars
are more cartoon-y, and often hold a piece of chocolate behind their little doors.

My inner heart goes back to that time of Yester-year.
Could it be that these were the years when our children were young and believed in nothing but good in the world.

May your December be sprinkled with 
Joyful memories
and an 
Open Heart.