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Squished in between shopping, wrapping, shipping
and a bit of photography of Funny Bunny Three-Three at age 1 month,
I managed to do a couple of holiday sketches.
No master pieces, but enjoyable, and a trip down memory lane.

All it takes is a cup of hot chocolate, a sketchbook, a few good pens and a simple set of watercolors.
As our children were growing up, so did our collection of tin cooky  cutters.
My prized possession were beautiful hand carved wooden molds for making Swedish Springerle or Lebkuchen Hearts .
I recall hammering rows of tiny nails along the top soffit of the kitchen walls. Hanging shining like glistening stars, was our ever growing collection of cooky cutters.

(truth be known they were quite the dust catchers)

Today those cooky cutters are dispersed amongst the family, who now make their own yummy sugar cookies with thick, sweet frosting. 
(I prefer PINK)
Another family tradition was the humble, cast iron aebleskiver pan.
A wonderful reminder of our Danish heritage.

Tiny crispy round donuts, fresh out of the sizzling hot pan got everyone out of bed early!!!
Dusted with powder sugar, or a slip of melted chocolate.
Or simply plain....
What a treat.
With five kids, we really could have used two pans, as the cook couldn't keep up with the appetites!
Heart Thought: through the holidays, we love the foods of our Swedish and Danish ancestors....soul food, I suppose. What special foods do you have fond memories of? Try sketching them out, or putting into words. It is rather relaxing and a great memory maker.
                                                                  warmly, sharon

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  1. Sharon - what lovely sketches capturing special family memories. I really like the collage feeling of both pieces - bits and pieces of remembered holiday treats.


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