Grandmother's Venetian Glass and Pink Mints

A short, sweet little sharing.

This beautiful piece of Venetian glass, 
reminds me of a carousel ride. 
But it is far more delicate than a decorated horse spinning round and round.
For as long as I can remember, this candy dish sat on 
Grandmother's coffee wasn't so precious that little hands couldn't lift the  lid and help themselves to her homemade pink mints, a recipe passed down from her pioneer family.
When our family would come for a visit, after a 12 hour drive through the Nevada desert, after hugs and loves, they would race to the coffee table: there was always candy, the hard kind that you can suck on forever, in Grandmother's precious glass dish.
She loved to share her finer things.

Bringing back beautiful memories.

Today one of our sentimental daughters inherited this piece.  Just to look at it brings back the warmth of a grandmother
who took great pride in serving us with her very finest.
And hugging us to pieces!

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Photo-Heart Connection

        Do you have favorite photos, ones that really touch your heart, bring back beautiful memories, or preserve a special someone or sometime?  Are they usually the very "professional" well composed and perfectly exposed shots?  Or are they just a great "capture" taken spontaneously?

Every year Kat Sloma hosts a Photo-Heart Connection. It is open to everyone who loves to take photos.
At the first of the month, participants  go through photographs taken during the previous month, culling for those that really speak to them.
Hmmm January what should I choose...well there was Chinese New Year with the tradition of throwing oranges with notes attached high into our trees, (ours are still swaying high), fresh cooked duck and fish, lo mien noodles...fresh not dried....yes a beautiful, colorful, fragrant time to celebrate.

Then we had unexpected snow and cold weather here in the south. That certainly warranted picture snapping since it isn't common place.

We went to Chicago to spend time with our daughter and her daughter. That was the time of the sub zero storms and closure of the Chicago airports...well not too many pictures then....afraid I might crack my lens.
So hard to choose, but choose I did. TECHNICALLY they are the least well done with their cluttered backgrounds, wiggly-moving-jumping little people, poor lighting and lots of extraneous things going on inside our home.
Storyline: Our kids from the eastern side of North Carolina spontaneously came for a visit, wanting to share their dogs and  prepare an authentic Chinese New Year feast. Lemon and Frito are rescue dogs who had been badly abused but through lots of care and oodles of love are now healthy, loving and beautiful dogs. We were excited to introduce them to our three grandchildren, the Funny Bunnies, who live down the street.
Number One and Two Bunnies took to the dogs like kids take to ice cream....sweet, messy and fast.
But the littlest Bunny was extremely nervous, hesitant, clinging to mom or Grammy, and screaming if the dogs got near.  Well give her a few hours, lots of reassurance and she adopted the more gentle one, Lemon, running around holding her tail...(yup one of the blurry photos, beyond repair! but still precious)

Out of dozens of photos I have only had time to work on a I needed to get rid of the clutter of table, chairs, furniture, background people, etc. Not knowing what I was doing, didn't help.
Then I wanted to try a few textures...well one thing led to another...
However, these are the photos that touched my heart as I think of the past, fast paced month of January.

Fritos was once a very sick, neglected and abused dog.  Lemon instantly, bonded with her. They are now inseparable.  
 Kim Klassen's texture Gracie 

Lemon and Fritos have the cutest outfits....I love this one.  Funny Bunny One is growing this reflective photo I can see the maturity in her face...she sat with the dogs for long periods of time, just loving LOVING them.

Kim's Belize Texture
Rad Lab/Sugar processing.

To love an animal is a beautiful thing.
When taking is the memory that counts.

Thank you Kim for your textures and thank you Kat for making it possible to share our favorite photographs.

Cherry Fizz Tutorial

My but FISH and TIME flies.....
but on their own terms.
I started several paintings two + months ago
..blame it on the weather!
Finally Cherry Fizz is complete.

Sharing my indecisive painting techniques with a few photos
and descriptions.

36 x 24 Gallery Wrap Canvas, orange tone in acrylic, blue sketch lines.

Experimenting with different colors and shapes, redrawing lines.

Laying down collage papers with mat medium, redrawing-reworking,  blocking in stronger colors. 

Painting over collage papers to diminish strength, bolder lines, stenciled pattern on white cloth. Sorry doesn't show up on photo.

Removing some elements to create more space, tightening the drawing, reworking shadows, tiny bits of gold leaf collage and giving oomph to lace pattern on the table cloth. 
Materials used: acrylic, acrylic inks, stencils, collage, Stablio pencil, completed with acrylic varnish. away fish.....time caught up with both of us.
It is time for you to find a new home.
Available on S Furner Fine Art website. (click)