Cleaning Out the Muffin Tin

A few weeks ago I shared this:
Muffin tin filled with acrylic paint....that was taking up frig space...not that i cook that much!
I scooped up gobs of paint and finger painted on several canvases. 

Then they sat and sat
waiting for "someone" to have an inkling of inspiration!
Ah, where is that pesky "inspiration" when you need her?

Shortly after a box full of Stripey Stones from the delightful Elizabeth Bunsen arrived in the mail.

Slowly stuff in my head started to percolate.
The final straw, hmm, stone that got inspiration moving was reviewing some photos of rock formations taken in Cambodia.
Click here to see the Photography and Prose posting of very intriguing ancient stones.
That did the trick....time to sit down and work on those canvases.
And a new series blossomed:

Who would guess that gobs of color was under all of this mixed media work.
Each piece incorporates: Collage, Stablio pencil, Graphite Sticks, Crayons, Pastels, Colored Pencils, Acrylic and China Ink.
Everything but the kitchen frig...well almost everything.

The Cairn series will be UPSing to the RiverView Gallery in Havre de Grace, MD.
Heart Thought: when Inspiration dries up, stalls, gets lost in the fog of to-do-lists where do you GO to get things mixed up and moving again? 

The Evidence of Love

Dear friends, work your way down in a lazy-daizy  manner, enjoy the snippets of thoughts on each Valentine. (Feel free to print a copy.)
At the end is a TREAT better than chocolate covered PEEPS.

Share a bag of Peeps, or yummy chocolates with your loved ones. Hold them dear.
Love is what binds us together.

Love is Evidenced in many ways.
This beautiful video is shared by Kat Sloma.
A wonderful photographer, teacher, philosopher and artist. It is her gift to us.

Heart Thought: for today, the video is my heart thought.

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The Color of Courage

normally i love to post to meri's musings
sharing jOy.
i spent hours thinking about what brought me jOy this week.
it was very very difficult.
i know that travel brings me 
but my heart wasn't there.

our granddaughter, emily is what brings me 
jOy this day and always.
emily is in the hospital with a chronic condition,
her teen years spent in the
peaks and valleys
of severe pain.

emily is the color of courage ~
she strives to relieve the worries of her
parents, family, friends and those who care for her~
emily shares a beautiful smile and  open heart~
emily is filled to overflowing with compassion 
and love for others~
she is a cheerleader for those who can do the things she can not~
she is an example to the many who are also overwhelmed in their lives~
emily is the most courageous young woman i know~
a book could be written on 
 the way she lives her life
under challenging circumstances~

my jOy
is emily and the gift she is in our lives.

Heart Thought: a  prayer for this very special granddaughter and the challenges she faces day to day.

Hand Made in the USA

It all started when I was getting my daily dose of Rebecca's fabulous blog, recuerda mi corazon. Click here and you will see what started this little family project. 

While I was reveling in Rebecca's photography and prose it brought back a rush of strong cinnamon scent.  It spun me back to our Asian visit last year where we visited a spice plantation.  The authentic spice is STRONG`~EARTHY~~EXOTIC~~DEEP RUST BROWN~and the aroma lingers for a very long time.

Now this was a project for the Funny Bunnies. They probably wouldn't understand making cinnamon Prayer Beads....but necklaces...hmmm that would catch their attention.

And so we began. We spent one afternoon forming the beads using Rebecca's recipe...well sort of followed the recipe. It was a challenge for little fingers to make perfect round balls.... I love their odd shaped little offerings. One thing to remember is to  make the hole wide!!!

The past few weeks there have been a few really great blogs using dried citrus fruit. But none is better, for sheer design and photography than Elizabeth  Bunsen's BE~DREAM~PLAY.  She has written many blogs featuring these tiny jewels.  click here.

The day finally arrived, the oranges almost dry, some a bit gummy and a few with dark tans  from being overly cooked. The cinnamon beads are funky and chunky, needing a bit of scissor widening of the holes.

So off to Squirrel Park we go.  More excited to play on the swings and slides, our beading project was put off for awhile.

Eventually we settled at a table, opened the bags of oranges and cinnamon...and like little ants hovering over sugar...playground children smelling the waft of cinnamon raced to the table to see what was going on.

Long story short: we shared what we had.  Eager little and big fingers, strung their cotton string with oranges and beads.  As you can see in the photo of the Funny Bunnies (we had stopped for frozen yogurt after the park) they didn't quite get a full necklace made.  But they were happy to have shared. They will hang their offerings from a tree limb.

As for me and prayer beads....well I will have to go out and buy another huge bottle of cinnamon.

Heart Thought: isn't it cool when kids big and little can share what they have from the warmest place in their hearts?

Cinnamon scent I will smell you next December......sharon

Skipping through the First

Tell me it isn't so. Today, the 4th !!!!
i flipped my calendar over....where had  four days gone.  January can't just evaporate!!? i wasn't ready to leave January yet. Now it feels like half the year is over.

Did you feel this way?

Holding myself accountable, i thought where have i been: 
certainly not writing blogs....
certainly not cooking fab meals....
certainly not dusting or sweeping....
certainly not having a social life....

Now i remember: 
One night i woke up and had this desire to paint on canvas again...the ideas flooded my dead-to-the-world-head 
( of course i forget most of them by morning). When fully awake all i knew was that i needed to head for the easel. 

This is what i did February 1st:
i took my muffin tin of old acrylic paint out of the frig.  i should have charged it rent it had been hoggin' space for much too long.
Grabbing a piece of canvas i began scooping up huge gobs of color and spreading/smearing it all over the canvas.
Gosh this was fun! 
Adult Finger Painting 101

Here are a few of my canvases i smothered with paint with no thought to what i was doing.....bonus: no more paint in the frig.

It didn't take me four days to create this color-chaos....!!!  In a day or two i will share with you the transformation of "muffin tin paint" into hmmm, something quite different. Stay tuned.

Heart Thought: how many times do we really let go and do something crazy--like our kids or husband would look at us and really wonder? Give it a try. Sure puts a smile on the face.
     So here is to crazy-daisy moments: Sharon