Would you LOVE to spend a few weeks in the South of France, in particular, Cassis?
My son and family have been there, so nothing but the south of France
has been in my thoughts the past few weeks.
We went with them a few years ago, and I remember most the ocean backdrop and the kids, four at the time, pulling spun filaments of pink cotton candy!  
The photo I took on that occasion was so special to me, that I painted them a little canvas of that particular moment in time.

Pink Cotton Candy, Smiling Faces, Sticky Fingers, Turquoise Ocean
that is a "rainbow" memory for sure.

Idea: I would do some French sketches and one larger painting while they were actually in Cassis.
Well, let's say, I managed to rush through a rather large painting, choosing to use acrylics.
This is what I got....but not what I have now:

Painting in Haste is Waste:  I took an acrylic solvent to it and now it is mushy gray stained canvas!  When I return to the canvas it will be with deliberation and oil paints!

A series of boat paintings were completed after that first trip to Cassis.... I rather wish I had kept one for memory sake

 We would eat ourselves silly on the most delicious, scrumptious delights...sweets to cheese and back again. So a few sketches landed in my sketchbook reserved for travel.  (I will share a photograph of the cover in my next post.)

Recalling what I did to the first boat painting...well I couldn't leave well enough alone and ......

One can barely tell they are the same sketch...obviously on the second one I painted over with very saturated color!  Just love that color.

Before I close I have one more sketch????  well this time it was done on a tablet.  It is a whole other art form working with an App on a tablet with only your finger or a stylus!!!! This is pure simplicity, but fun and relaxing.  I used Sketches.

Bon Jour dear friends!
I think the next few posts you will find "France on my Mind"....come along with me.
See you then !

Love Affairs with Provence: the Book

A few months ago I met an extraordinary woman,  Paula Lawlor.  She purchased a painting of Provence from my website.
 Soon letters passed between us.  Through amazing coincidences we found we had much in common; one being the joy of travel in the South of France. 
As a young woman, Paula, working as an au pair in Toulon,  fell in love with Provence. In 2009 these strong feelings were once again rekindled in her discovery of 
Saint Mary Magdalene and
 La Sainte-Baume.
Her personal journey is quite extraordinary.

I received a note asking permission to use one of my paintings on her brochure showcasing her Novena Tour of Provence to Saint Mary Magdalene, July 2013.

It was a pleasure to accommodate her.  I was so impressed with the beautifully illustrated brochure, the towns and villages the tour will visit and the destination of La Sainte-Baume for the Feast of St. Mary Magdalene, on July 22nd. Thoughtful care has been taken to assure a life long memory for all who join her.  

Paula is the creator and founder of 
Magdalene Publishing  (click)
She has published four books that she has written and illustrated with works of art, painting, sculpture, drawing and photography. 
She is a gifted writer and researcher. 

 And her new book to coincide with her tour:

I was totally surprised to receive copies of all of her books, and discover that one had my name on it along with artists I revere, honor and have personally studied. It was and is an unexpected, totally humbling experience. For which I can simply say 
Thank You.

A gift from the heart, unexpected, is the best kind of present.

Spend a few quiet minutes savoring Paula's beautiful website. You will be introduced to Paula, her books, current and future tours, gift items, maps of Provence and the blog of the journey she and others are presently on.

You can reach her at:
www.Magdalene Publishing.org  (click on name)

If you are interested in a copy of Love Affairs with Provence or other titles, you can order directly from MP.
Unfortunately, I don't have a way of sharing the pages inside this book. But it is a book rich with information and reproductions of works of art on each page. 

Paula, thank you for choosing a complete stranger, to join you vicariously on your first tour.  My happiness and joy goes with you.
smiles: sharon

A World of Beautiful Eyes

In our family there are blue eyes, brown eyes, hazel eyes and occasionally tired eyes.
But few can capture the true inner spirit of a person's eyes than
Steve McCurry, photographer extraordinaire.

comes into my mailbox as a gift--no price tag.
Some of his photographs actually make my heart ache, my eyes tear up and then there are those
that put a smile on my face, or teach me a lesson in humanity. 
For a short time I go to another "place" as I slowly scroll through his photography.
Photographs of people from all over the world are always my favorite.

Steve McCurry is very generous. You can download an image onto your desk top. Save an image to further enjoy but mostly one learns lessons through his lens that one might have missed.

Today I just want to share a few favorites from his post focusing on Eyes.

To share one of his quotes:
"There is a road from the eye to the heart that does not go through the intellect."
G.K. Chesterton

Mr. McCurry seems such a generous man that I hope it is okay to share a few photos from the link provided above.

What does your heart see through his lens?

Enjoy a FREE APP Portraits by Steve McCurry.  
You can find it here.

We are surrounded by beautiful eyes, look deep and long, Eyes lead us to the Soul.

Every living thing has eyes that tell a story. 

Textures on last two photos from Kim's Texture Tuesday.

Introducing the Third Funny Bunny to Play Dough

Now there is absolutely no reason for anyone but me or the Funny Bunnies' mom and dad to think this was interesting.
But it really was a chuckling kind of two hours as FB#3 was introduced to play dough.
I thought for sure she would eat it...yah, she tasted it, pulled a really weird face, threw it down, then proceeded to copy her brother and sister.
Short and Sweet:

After all was said, done and created, Grammy was served dinner.  The corn and carrots were delicious.
Cheers for Kiddies, wherever they are: they are pure pleasure. 

Shuffling in the Sand and Sketches

We just returned from the Seabrook Beach in South Carolina.
Still shaking sand from my shoes and processing 
photos from tiny alligator close on my heels
 to misty gray waves leaving ruffles of ocean foam along the damp shoreline. 

Admittedly it will take awhile to get back to "normal?"

I went prepared with a small suitcase of art supplies for the Three Funny Bunnies and myself.
Guess who went through ALL of the supplies? No it wasn't me.
No beach sketches to share, so how about some recent 

  I keep promising myself I will get some sketches done very soon...but .........I need to purchase a new supply of paper !!