Share the Joy: of Being

Share the Joy: in Be-ing

they sit on the cement floor
day after day
patience, persistence,
bonds of friendship
in hushed whispers
a communal offering
of sweetness and refreshment.

52 Lists: Week 17--Creativity/Inspiration

Just check Amazon or your local book seller and you will find an endless barrage of


on creativity, inspiration, finding one's passion, how-to's, following one's North Star, etc. etc. etc.

Easily there must be a book a day published addressing this  topic.

Week 17 on Kellie's "Get the Word Out" asks us how we personally stay inspired, what sparks our own creativity?

Honestly, I have nothing astonishingly  NEW to add to the subject.

But I will share a few sassy thoughts!!!!

That is all folks...easy peasy...
and if you run out of your own inspiration, remember that there are more books on creativity than a boat load of Peanut M & M's!!!!
Smiles: Sharon

Texture Tuesdays: what do you Love?

Like many, I often casually say that "I  JUST LOVE" this and that, a casual use of an important word. 

One day I might LOVE  Peanut M & M's. Tomorrow LOVE reading People magazine. Another day LOVE McDonald's chocolate sundaes.
Last week LOVING someone's new hair cut.

But one sincere, thoughtful "LOVE" is travel. Travel anywhere, anytime, solo or with family.

That all tangles and mingles into another pure love---other CULTURES and wishing with all my heart that I had the ability to translate what I see and feel as I travel about, onto canvas.
Putting my feelings onto canvas is elusive, difficult, but worth pursuing.

This week's texture sharing is based on a  painting I have shown before. It is a small oil painting of two little girls "bone tired," sleeping on the dirty damp cement in a Hindu Temple, in their beautiful silk dresses.

Kim Klassen shares on a weekly basis free textures that she has created for our pleasure. I chose two that I felt enhanced this painting and the conditions in which these two little girls were sleeping.

Scratched Magic July--Soft Light--98%
Drop Cloth--Soft Light--97%
Levels adjustment

I wish you every goodness. May your dreams come true. May you expand your essence and feel Love.


Where is Sharon?

Seems Sharon has been missing for a week or so?
Where has she been?

Here are a few clues:

Of course the Big Mama camera came along. Note the heart?

Always follow amazing skies...road maps to the UNIVERSE.

Trail Markers?

Stripes anyone?

Drifts of foamy waves.....

Take Joy Thursdays or Any Day

Recently bouncing around in the blogosphere I ran across

Meri's Musings

Each Thursday she suggests something that might bring us JOY!

  Joy reaches into all the nooks and crannies of life. One only needs eyes and hearts to discover.  
Joy is always somewhere!!

Two "Funny Bunny" faces who bring JOY into my heart and life.

Take Joy in your Day!

52 Weeks: Obsessions

Obsession is a rather loaded word. I am not convinced I have obsessions, but there are definitely things that I like, enjoy, can't get enough of and look forward to.

That is it...and in no particular order.... "free form" writing!!
Enjoy your own "obsessions."

Smiles: Sharon

Texture Tuesdays: to DO

Tuesday comes around rather quickly,
or perhaps it is because working with textures
is a learning challenge for me
and I spent perhaps a wee bit too much time on it.
but it is so fun.

There are many websites that feature working with textures on Photoshop, but truly the
favorite of many I love is presented by
Kim Klassen, her heartfelt sharing is larger than her computer monitor!!!

She is always dangling the proverbial "carrot" in front of my face and I want to do it ALLLLL  !!!

So today the theme is to the verb: is that broad enough?
So here are my two interpretations of DO-ing, using


I am always learning.....and these two images have opposite problems: one is too dark and one too light.
I think that working on pieces of art work makes it difficult to know just how to texture.

Generally a painting becomes complete, with no further need to work on it. 
Adding a texture changes the dimension immensely.  But as I keep saying:
it is loads of fun and I will continue to experiment.

The Question We Should Ask Ourselves

Most desire, that we bring people together into a dimension of
We are all SPIRITUAL BEINGS, with a common source.
One trait only can bind us as a Universal Family
The question we might consider is:
What can I do to further my role in creating a Universal Family?
We must bring a quality of unconditional LOVE.
In order to do this, we, ourselves, must feel loved, appreciated and recognized. 
Then the gift can be passed on to others.


Images of New York City

St Paul's Cathedral, next to Ground Zero

Should you be in New York City, you might consider a visit to this very TINY church, where HUGE HEARTS poured out love, help, solace and where HUMAN KINDNESS and SACRIFICE is soaked into every fiber of this edifice.

52 Weeks, List 14: Loving Someone

I find the older I become,
the easier it is to love others.
It is a little bit like shaping paper dolls.
We all have hearts and hands,
together we form a strong bond,
learning from one another.
Loving one despite some differences.

52 Weeks, List 13: What I Love About Work

When a few of our children graduated from college and entered the work place, they weren't positive they had chosen the right career.

For me it has been different. 

I started out teaching school.

Next a Family.

Followed by a career in many arenas of art. 

A Life of Creating.

I count myself very blessed, no regrets.

Texture Tuesday: Tale of Three Cakes

Our Weekend was
At our home we had a
Only one dear family was missing.

We consumed one iced Angel Food,
and two Ice Cream Cakes 

Texture Tuesday sponsored by the ever generous 
Kim Klassen, 
gave me the idea to choose three "cake paintings"
 to embellish with the Crackerjack Texture.

Be prepared, they are Crazy-Daisy
just like our fabulous weekend.

 Gouache, watercolor and pen on water color paper.
Cracker Jack texture applied twice. 

Three Pear Cake
brown paper, gouache, crayon
Cracker Jack Texture