Texture Tuesday: Chef's Table

Through the years I have painted many types of food, but seldom have i painted chefs.... so in honor of all those talented, dedicated men and women who make dining a fine art.... a little FINE ARTSY texture.
Today’s textures are KK Fall-in and KK And then Some.
Heart Thought: they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach......do you believe that?
Smiles: sharon

Friday Portraits

With Halloween in a few days, there will be lots of strange,
whacky, funny, hip, ghostly, scary, gorgeous faces trick or treating at the door
Do you dress up for Halloween? 

Well, I have not drawn/painted any Halloween images, so I will just 
share one that I did a few days ago.

Will be available matted,
at The Silver Brush Art Show in November.

Old map collaged onto heavy watercolor paper; watercolor;  oil pastel;
graphite pencil, reed pen with China ink; bees wax finish.

Gosh what a lot of "ingredients" for a simple, sketchy face!

Happy Halloween!

Until next time: don't eat too much chocolate!! Sharon

Texture Tuesday: India

Like pungent cardamon, a thousand shafts of seed falling on soiled saris of silk., blaring Sun beats down like a heavy crown of gold. Survival--life-- comes through cooperation and care of one another.

original painting 

Adding textures to this painting seems to make it more REAL, more AUTHENTIC. Life is hard from a physical stand point. However, Life is lived to its fullest potential, family, children, faith, home, food and companionship. 
Thank you Kim Klassen. for lovely textures. Peace, Scratched Magic textures, plus brushes around edges.
Heart Thought: put yourself in another culture, another place, another home. You would still be who you are, your essential core stays the same. We blossom where we grow.

Until another day, stay happy. Sharon

Fastest Two Days Ever!!!

Have you ever noticed how time can come to a stand still....as in unloading a very full dishwasher or folding a bed piled with fresh laundry?
Then there are the moments that fly by so fast you want to put reigns on and pull back...whoa boy!

This past week we spent two days and one night in Asheville, North Carolina...one of many starting points to visit the Blue Ridge Mountains....a breathtaking journey.

One could spend a week writing about Asheville...one of our favorite NC spots, nestled at the foot of the BRM. 
Quaint, funky, derelict, fashionable, yogis to yoga,
art walks, art galleries, eclectic, run down, upscale, The Tea and Spice Exchange,  gifty-shops, and the best bookstore ever...
If you like anything on paper, you have to head to Malaprop's..there is even a spot for tea and yummies.

It was pretty cold, but hearty vendors kept the Farmer's Market open. Most were too busy hanging onto their tent frames to try and sell anything...but I managed some fantastic French pastries and apples I have not tasted before...one was the color of plums...unfortunately it wasn't very tasty! "But it sure was purty."

Another fun bookshop is in Little Switzerland: Books and Beans...not sure where the Beans comes in, but the bookstore is zany fun, teeters and totters, an ant's maze of books....very dusty books,  intriguing none-the-less.

There were actually two levels of books...the ceiling was crumbling and patched with yellowing newspapers!!!! the floor squeaked, dust bunnies flopped and floated everywhere.....but ah, it was heaven, a real-honest-to-goodness used bookstore... which included a wood burning fireplace emitting wonderful smoky odors and HUGE WORN, THREAD BARE chairs and couch. It all called out, "Please stay and linger awhile."

Asheville was our "home" while we explored the Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway....it was an amazing journey.

We went from this:

to this, in 30 minutes!

Sunglasses to Sun Goggles!!!

To see more amazing photos check out my blog on Photography and Prose.

 Heart thought:  Start the week out by scheduling in an hour for an autumn walk...keep your eyes downward...amazing what is at 'foot level.'

Until next time..keep smiling, Sharon

What could be Different to Share?

Writing a blog post can be rather a challenge on many levels.
Energy, Time, Commitment and IDEAS..
There are weeks when I can't think of anything that might be interesting to share. (Don't want to bore you!) There are other weeks when ideas jump like O.R. popcorn out of a kettle with lid OFF!

I started this blog years ago and the purpose and theme have changed with time. 
But the primary focus was to discuss ART. (I do wander and stray away at times.)

Searching for something fresh to share on a weekly basis, 
it occurred to me to post faces painted in a very serious manner, faces in sketches and faces in a really crazy, folksy sort of way.

Once a week I will slip one or two Faces into the pot and see what comes out.

Today I share two:

This oil was done several years ago...one I wish I had not sold.   

This is portrait of a Tibetan woman in her beautiful turquoise and coral adornments. I love the deep burgundy blushed cheeks  of the nomadic Tibetan people.  Oil on black under painted panel.

Did I mention that these would be serious mixed with punky-funky. This painting along with 5 others in the series, are inspired by the life of Edith Piaf. I was totally smitten after seeing the movie of her life,  and listening to her raspy amazing voice for hours on end. 

 Marion Cottilard won a best actress academy award for her amazing transformation as Edith.   

Acrylic, gouache, oil pastel, pencil, India Ink,
bamboo pen, and fingers!!!  Lots of luscious layers. 

Next week I will share a few more portraits.

Feel free to download for your own personal use.

Sketching over Water

You can tempt me with chocolates,
you can tempt me with frosty mugs of root beer,
you can tempt me with dinner and a movie,
I can resist though hard it might be
 tempt me with new art supplies
and I can't RESIST.



Patience is not my strong suit, but before I get too carried away squirting out luscious colors, I make a sample card. The reason for the numbers is to identify the color once on a palette. When they dry it is difficult to distinguish between colors. I mark the numbers on my palette with permanent marker.  My ode to organization. 

Before trying some quick sketches, lots of fun doodling and swatches of color. A bit of a warm up.

We recently went to the beach, hence the beach theme of very loose sketches. Light mark making in pencil, bouncy pen work with   permanent ink, followed by washes of diluted color.

The "Quins" are very strong pigment and a little goes a long way. They don't loose their vibrancy with water.

After the watercolor has dried, more details are added with pen followed with a light scribble of colored pencil.  It is all just for fun and relaxation....nothing serious here, my friends.

This page in my journal is a bit more complex. First a light diluted wash of color. Next build up the contrast, by using more pigment and less water. Sometimes I use the color straight out of the tube.  You will notice the blips of white....that is white gouache.

These new colors were more fun experimenting with than going to a movie...and I love movies.  If you are into watercolors, serious or just for fun....and haven't tried the "Quins" pick up a few tubes....

Quinacridone colors are also available in  oil  paints. 

Happy Painting...smiles, Sharon

Texture Tuesdays: RED

This is my RED letter day, well, RED texture day. I LOVE RED.
Over the many years that I have been painting, RED often pops up in tiny accents or BIG SPLASHES!!! RED is my husband's favorite color and actually RED followed by PINK are mine.

Before I share my texturized painting, a few paintings using RED as a focal point.  

Hard to believe, but this powerhouse painting is only 6 x 6 inches. The use of RED as a main color gives it a wow factor.  

 The yellow really POPS in this rendering of gorgeous sunflowers due to the various REDS used. 

 RED the dominant color....use of complimentary color important here.

I finally decided to try various textures on a painting I have previously shown.   The original painting Klimt's Sisters.

 Textures compliments of Kim Klassen.  I used Wisdom and Vintage Magicness.  They really changed the feeling of the painting, pulling your eye into the center focusing on the two main figures.

Have a lovely autumn day, thank you for dropping by. 
.............in fact have a RED LETTER DAY!!!! 

until next time, Sharon

Art in Grand Central Park

Time Flies.
Whether you are having a good time or not!

Can't believe it has been two months since we were in 
New York City, taking in the sights, walking holes in our shoes,
grabbing taxis when the heat of the cement burned 
through the holes in the same shoes,
visiting new museums and
revisiting others.

Spending hours and hours in Grand Central Park.

I finished some paintings from our visit
and thought I would share them with you.

These young girls were singing their hearts out, sending melodies
out to all who passed by.

Staying in the shade while playin' his saxophone.

The venerable hot dog trolley is rapidly being replaced by utilitarian
mini kitchens on wheels....glad I captured this for
the sake of nostalgia.

For some reason a hot dog just tastes better when purchased from
a vendor with a brilliant umbrella.

Just need to get back to New York...one can never get enough!

Meet Lisa, a Very Special Artist

I would love you to meet,  Lisa (left) and her friend, Anita.
They are friends and artists who live in Geneva, Switzerland.
Both attend the Claire Fontaine School.

We have known Lisa since she was a very little girl. She is quite remarkable.
You can tell by the pictures, that Lisa is a very fun-loving young woman. She is thoughtful. A joy to be around. 
She loves to look out for others.

Lisa organizes her room at home around her art materials. The matching twin bed is stacked mile high with colored papers, zillions of colored markers and pens. It is her private artist studio.

There she can write letters, work in her journal, color, paint and cut out papers to her heart's content. 

Lisa is a ray of sunshine to all who know and love her.

At her school she dances, makes jewelry, and creates works of art.
She earns money with her talents.

 But best of all is the painting. Lisa has a love of art and creates many  beautiful paintings.

Lisa is the sister of Sarah, my wonderful daughter-by-marriage. Thank you Sarah for sending me photos of Lisa's art life to share.

It has been my privilege to see Lisa grow up into a beautiful young woman. A woman bursting with potential and love.


In  Ohio there is a school for special artists.






Tuesday's Textures: Gratitude

The Paiute Native Americans
share their wisdom with us.

"A hungry stomach makes a short prayer."

All over the world, including here in America there are
too many short prayers
too many who go without food.

There are many ways to gather our food,
farmer markets,
help/donation centers

Or none of the above.

Travel has broadened my perspective of what it means 
to feed a family,
to see smiling faces with growling bellies,
how foods are grown
with or without machinery,
what it means to
toil in the fields.

for what we have.

Please feel free to print this texturized

Today I used Kim Klassen's, free textures:
KK Corrugated Crack
KK Framed White
Levels, saturation adjustment.

Thank you Kim. 
Thank you to those in the world who provide
food for the rest of us.

October News

Today is beyond beautiful....

weather dipped down to sweater temperature....

sky cerulean blue...clouds huge and puffy...

breezes blowing flag and swaying bird feeders....

just a wonderful way to come into Autumn.

Let us Dance a Little Jig!!!!!

So why am I sitting here behind the computer, while the beautiful day passes by my window?

What am I thinking of?????

I set a goal too update my website by October 1st.

Oh no, October 1st is here.

YAY!!  WHEW!!!  just made it.  

Website is totally redesigned and new paintings added.

I feel as free as the breeze, as I have been procrastinating big time, and friends who are only interested in paintings have thought I was lost between Maryland and North Carolina!

If you can take a bit more "sharon stuff" please drop by and see what is going on at S. Furner Fine Art.

Now I am off to the Farmer's Market to pick out the orangiest of pumpkins!!

Then maybe some s'mores this evening over a fire.